Taobao shop Novice must: PS Mining trademark Basic tutorial

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This article mainly explains the PS to pull the map ~ Mining trademarks ~ Apply to Taobao Novice to do the map.

  Tools/raw Materials

Computer A

PS Software (does not require consistent with me ~ most PS software content is the same)


First, open the desktop PS software, open the prepared pictures

Click on the top right-hand corner of the toolbar, the rectangular marquee tool, and the trademark that needs digging.


First: Ctrl+t

After: Free transform size

Color range to take color, this drawing is white (trademark character outside color)

Look at the picture!

The DELETE key is to remove the white color outside the trademark character

1. Click the layer (not at the same time) by clicking Ctrl.

2. The character that appears after removing the layer is the virtual line ~

Words can not explain the ~ technology is limited

Fill can be any color you like it.

Transparency is an added visual effect


Above is the PS Mining trademark Basic course, hope to be helpful to everybody!

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