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The size of the computer stores information, the most basic unit is byte, a Chinese character consists of two bytes, letters and numbers are composed of a byte.

Units of capacity are from small to large: bytes (B), KB, MB, GB, TB. The relationship between them is.

1kb=1024 bytes

Usually people use the simple name, the back of the "B" removed, so you ask the 1GB is 1024MB.

The above is based on the answer given by the textbook, but the theory and the actual is somewhat different, hardware, especially the hard drive, the conversion of a slight difference, both in the formula above 1024 are replaced by 1000,24 can be ignored. So in reality we will find that the hard disk we buy is used the actual usable capacity and nominal is different, the actual usable capacity is smaller than the nominal, and the larger the hard drive, the greater the difference, the hard disk manufacturer 1000MB 1GB, our windows system 1024MB for 1GB, is this.
Question added: 1TB=1024GB
Note: Byte is B is byte
KB is thousand bytes
MB is a trillion
GB is gigabytes (gigabit)
TB is too byte

1, the smallest unit of information stored in a computer, called a bit, transliteration bit, a binary "0" or a "1" called One.
2, the computer storage capacity of the basic unit is byte (byte), transliteration for Beit, 8 bits composed of 1 bytes, a standard English letter occupies a byte position, a standard Chinese character occupies two byte position.
3, the size of the computer storage capacity in bytes to measure, 1024 decimal system:
1024b=1k (Thousand) B
1024kb=1m (MB) B
1024MB=1G (Kyrgyzstan) B
1024GB=1T (too) B
The following are PB, EB, ZB, YB, NB, DB, commonly used by people.

KB, 2 of 10 times: 1024 BYTE.
MB, 2 of 20 times: 1048576 BYTE, or 1024 KB.
GB, 2 of 30 times: 1073741824 BYTE, or 1024 MB.
TB, 2 of 40 times: 1099511627776 BYTE, or 1024 GB.
PB, 2 of 50 times: 1125899906842624 BYTE, or 1024 TB.
EB, 2 of 60 Times Square: 1152921504606846976 BYTE, or 1024 PB.
ZB, 2 of 70 times: 1024 EB.
YB, 2 of 80 times: 1024 ZB.

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