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Web designers with a large budget backing can get whatever resources they need to put their imaginations into the web experience. They can hire professional photographers to make compelling photos; You can ask the best HTML and CSS experts to create a complex layout that works for a variety of browsers; You can instruct graphic artists to create ornate decorations based on corporate attire; You can hire professional copywriter to draft fascinating prose. The biggest advantage is that they can hire a large number of test users and focus groups to ensure that the site is attractive, easy to use, and able to work as expected.

But not all web designers are so lucky! Unfortunately, some designers have to create websites with little money, and the expectations of the Web experience are not necessarily very low. In this case, you must seek all the help you can get. For the most part, WEB developers and designers are very generous in sharing knowledge and achievements with colleagues. When you share, co-workers often work hard to correct and enhance your work, make it more refined, have fewer bugs, and provide your own focus group and quality assurance. This means you can find plenty of free material. If you know where to look, you can fill in some of the vulnerabilities of low budget WEB development operations. In this article, I'll introduce you to a variety of free web resources, as well as warnings for some seemingly free web resources.

  Creative Public

First, Creative Commons (CC), which is not a source of free resources, is the source of the licenses used by people who provide free resources. In their own words: CC is a non-profit organization that provides a flexible copyright license for creative work. You can choose a CC license to allow all people to ask you to honor them when using the owner's work or modifying their work (attribution clause); You may limit your work to non-profit organizations only, and you may require that any changes made to your work be shared under the same terms as the original clause (similar shared terms). There are other terms that you can combine with these terms. For example, a common CC license is attribution Share alike license.

CC has been a huge success-the main body of work from CC licenses is huge and expanding every day. Literature, images, music and other works can be provided under the CC license. You are free to use any of these works on your site as long as you meet the restrictions. To learn how to find any free product for your Web design, the first step is to learn how to search for materials that are available under CC licenses. You can use the CC search engine page to get the source directly, which allows you to take advantage of search engines (such as Google and Flickr) and free resource collection (such as Flick and DMusic) for professional search capabilities.

  Style elements

A good stylesheet is the backbone of a good web site--especially cascading style sheets (CSS). Unfortunately, the variable support in the browser means it's hard to develop good stylesheets. You can save a lot of energy and test work by relying on free stylesheets, or at least free modules for style elements. Many sites offer CSS descriptions and examples, but my focus is on the sites I've found, most of which have CSS material that you can use to quickly assemble your own site. There is a periodical-style site run by top WEB professionals: A List Apart, which focuses on Code and design topics. CSS intensivstation Templates Focus on several major layout styles for structured sites.

The most famous CSS swap is CSS Zen Garden, but you must be careful when using this site. CSS Zen Garden is designed to showcase the powerful features of CSS. CSS is a good way to separate content and form. But at first many Web developers shunned CSS because they thought that without traditional HTML techniques such as layout tables and hidden images, it would not create the same memorable effect. CSS Zen Garden is wrong to prove this through a beautiful style. There is a separate and shared piece of content that Web designers create to display in a unique way. They use ingenious layouts, fascinating images and colors, often creating themes such as the sea or museum style. CSS Zen Garden cannot be used as a collection of templates. You can see the following instructions in the warnings shown in most CSS contributions:

This design is not a template. Not reproduced without the written permission of the designer. However, you can study CSS and use the techniques you have learned elsewhere.

In addition, many contributors use non-free images. Site Maintainers request contributors to provide their CSS (see Resources) under Non-commercial Creative Commons licenses, so it is usually a safe practice to copy CSS, but be sure to check the beginning of the contributor's CSS file.


Professional websites use a variety of images, from photos to artist paintings to icons and symbols, and so on. Some sites offer royalty-free images. One project worth your attention, the Open Clip Art Library, is a collection of contributing, downloadable clip art. The range of images consists of small, simple images to large and complex images. Most images are scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, which is an open, xml-based format. SVG enhances browser support, but it is not yet universal, so the Open Clip Art Library includes a PNG version of each image. You can browse or search for images on your Web site, but you may want to download only one distribution, so you can browse offline. The quality of the graphic is similar to the quality of the image found in many of the collection of clip art you purchased at the store. When I need symbols, icons, and other resources (such as highlighting), the Open Clip Art Library is usually browsed, but maxpower free Icons is a good set of links to a collection of freely available icons. When it comes to the collection of clip art in the store, there are still a lot of restrictions, even if purchased. Some clip art requires royalty for commercial use. If you purchase such collections, be sure to check the end User License agreements.

When I need a photo, I often visit the previous Flickr CC photo Gallery, but I usually get there via Yotophoto, Yotophoto is a search aggregator for a free license photo from the CC variant to public Domain. One of my favorite resource sites is stock.xchng. This site includes a large number of extremely high quality photos, and has a very useful search engine. Not all photos are royalty-free, but most are! You can even see whether there is a model release of the photos, which is an important factor to consider when deciding to use photos that contain portraits. A smaller, less sophisticated, but still useful site is the Open Photo, which contains only CC-licensed photos. I also use Morguefile, a site similar to the Stock.xchng site, with similar advantages for searching and enriching metadata. All images on the morguefile are subject to a special license (not based on CC) but are exempt from royalties from personal or commercial work. I like the Morguefile FAQ's answer to why they provide free images: This site follows the traditional world Wide Web. It is committed to advocating freedom of opinion and exchange.

  Design Tools

Some WEB designers and companies offer online tools to help other users and improve their own community image. The most commonly used is the color scheme tool, which allows you to choose an aesthetically pleasing set of colors for your site. I really don't have the best eye in the world to match colors, so I'm thankful for sites like wellstyled.com's Color Scheme generator. Another site that provides more information on how to assemble the scenario is siteprocentral.com ' s HTML Color Code combination Chooser.

The most popular Web browsers are also the strangest browsers. For years, Web designers have had to deal with the differences between Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6, including the Macintosh and Windows versions. Microsoft is developing a version 7 browser that promises better standard compatibility for the new version, but on the other hand, Dean Edwards has developed a JavaScript solution. If you refer to the website:

[Dean Edwards '] IE7 is a JavaScript library that makes IE behave like a standard compatible browser. It fixes many CSS problems and enables transparent PNG to work properly under IE5 and IE6.

When you design a Web site, it is important to remember that Macintosh users. If buying a test Mac is not an option, you should thank Daniel Vine for creating icapture. You can specify a URL at this site, and search for a PNG image that looks like a Safari Web browser on a Mac machine. Edwards also provides iecapture that allows you to view the display of your site in the Macintosh IE7 beta.

  Full Web layout and templates

Sometimes even with all of the above help, I still can't create compelling pages. I may want everything, fortunately, you can find a free full page layout in some sites, including HTML (often XHTML) templates, graphics, stylesheets, highlighting, and more. The Open Web design has nearly 2000 complete templates for a variety of qualities. The site has a rating system and sometimes a designer contest to expand its collection. The Open Source web design is a Web site with a similar size.


In this article, you learned a lot of resources from which you can get free information and tools to improve your site. Even if you have a budget to get top-tier professional help, it can be helpful if you are familiar with the latest technologies for WEB design. Fortunately, the latest technologies are virtually invisible or inaccessible, and they are always free. If there is a chance, I also encourage you to share, for example, to contribute to the website I mentioned. After all, the wave of Web aesthetics will rise.

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