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People's inferiority psychology comes from a kind of psychological negative self-suggestion, that is, "I can't ". As the philosopher benosa said: "being humble because of suffering is a matter of low self esteem ." This is what we usually say. We look down on ourselves.

The reason why people feel inferior is mostly due to the trauma of the children's age. There are many people who feel inferior in the age of adulthood, but the feeling of inferiority caused by trauma in the Age of Children lasts for the longest time, has the greatest impact, and is the most difficult to overcome. For example, parents or other adults often scold and reprimand their children and count their shortcomings. These will leave a shadow in their young minds that will affect their healthy development.

However, inferiority is not very obvious in children, but it is quite common among teenagers. This is because, after puberty, people's self-consciousness develops rapidly. teenagers start to observe and analyze the society independently, evaluate others with their own views, and attach great importance to others' comments on themselves, I am very concerned about the image of "I" in the eyes of others. Teenagers start to review themselves, find their own shortcomings with a discerning eye, and often exaggerate them. Everyone has created an ideal and perfect self-image in their own minds. The more they want to move closer to him, the more they want to discover the gap between their ideals and reality, as a result, we secretly develop dissatisfaction, disappointment, and pessimism. At the same time, if there is a trauma in the children's age, it will become more intense and combine to increase the inferiority.

People who have been surrounded by inferiority for a long time feel inferior to others. On the one hand, they are afraid that others will look down on themselves, and gradually form bad personality characteristics such as sensitive, suspicious, sentimental, and timid. Inferiority makes them dare not take the initiative to communicate with people, dare not speak in public, passively cope with work and study, do not think enterprising. Because I believe that I am a weak person, I have no intention of winning. I just passively obey and try my best to escape responsibility. Inferiority will not only make the psychological activity out of balance, but also lead to physiological changes, the most sensitive is the adverse impact on the cardiovascular system and the digestive system. Physical changes in turn affect psychological changes and increase the inferiority of people.

So how should we break the shackles of inferiority?

People Who objectively and comprehensively view things with inferiority are always overly concerned with their own advantages and disadvantages, rather than the positive and positive aspects, lack of ability and confidence to objectively and comprehensively analyze things. This requires us to strive to improve our ability to understand the essence of phenomena and objectively analyze the favorable and unfavorable factors for ourselves, especially to see our strengths and potentials, rather than self-sighs and arrogant. People who make up for their own shortcomings in positive progress are sensitive to inferiority. They are easy to accept external negative cues, so that they become unable to extricate themselves from inferiority. However, if we are able to treat our shortcomings correctly, turn stress into motivation, and strive for improvement, we will achieve certain achievements and success, so as to enhance self-confidence and get rid of inferiority.

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