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Now the domestic domain resolver has a lot of home, their prices are also different, then how to choose high-quality Domain name resolver.

Now the domestic domain resolver has a lot of home, their prices are also different, then how to choose high-quality Domain name resolver.

I. Testing the quality of domain name resolution

Test the quality of the domain name resolution, you may have to ask, the interpretation of what the quality of it, you say the quality and refers to what is it? Let's hear it slowly. First of all, the quality of the domain name resolution refers to the same space, respectively, by different domain name provider to resolve the domain name point, see Open time difference, the smaller the quality of the interpretation of the higher. There is the domain name resolution of the time period has broken the network event, that is, in a day or one months, the resolution of the domain name of the difference between the difference, you may have to ask, I paid the domain name business also to be disconnected, this of course, because they also have trouble repair time. So how much time did he disconnect me and how do I test it? We can use our Chinese Webmaster station website nanny to the site for 24 hours of uninterrupted testing. In the official case one months to give your domain name resolution cumulative disconnect time will not exceed 24 hours.

It said so much, you may have to say, I have not registered to buy domain name to test it. This is very good, you go to their official check the cicada, some officials will provide their domain name resolution list, in general, their own officials are their own resolution.

Two. the domain name resolves treats the customer the attitude

The official network of Domain name resolver provides the customer feedback way, under normal circumstances has the telephone, 400 or 800 free telephone, the on-line message, the QQ message. Quality will provide you with automatic call back, that is, you in their official website input your own phone, the other party will immediately call you, for the sake of the customer to save the telephone fee. Online customers or QQ online customers, these are 24 on duty, you ask questions, they will immediately to you, or at certain times to give you a statement.

This is very important, why do you say, for example, we only recently out of a few of the broken net incident, do the best is the QQ official, the first time in the official online issued a statement, so give a person a feeling of intimacy. Just like us, it is impossible to make no mistakes in life, so long as we correct them in time. Our domain resolver, we allow them to make a mistake, but there is a mistake, there must be a statement. Deal with customer questions in a timely manner, if a quality parser, you ask questions will be in 24 hours to deal with you, and give you a reply.

Three. New domain name resolution with a new vision to treat

Sometimes, not the more famous, the quality of service, the better. We are new to the domain resolution with a new vision to treat, why say so, because the new domain name resolver is new, new server, general situation will have the corresponding new technology, otherwise, is not in such a competitive world, the introduction of analytical services. If they want to become famous in this business, they will have their own advantages, why we do not grasp their advantages. Now there are some new parsers, in the price of the first is cheaper than the old parser, because they are the new parser, customers generally less, fewer domain name resolution problems will be less, so we have a new domain name resolver, what Le but not to choose some new parser.

To sum up, to find a good domain name resolver is not easy, not easy, as long as we find ways to seek, hard to find, you will be able to find a satisfied domain name resolver. Look at the old domain name resolver to treat the user's attitude better, improve the quality of it. The above is my own views, talk more superficial, welcome everyone to correct me.

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