Teach you how to make cylindrical rotation animation courseware

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A cylinder can be thought of as the geometry of a rectangle with its side of the line as the axis, and the rest of the sides rotated one week. So how does the geometry of the cylindrical rotary body be implemented?

Using the geometry artboard to make the cylindrical rotating Body Courseware Template sample diagram:


Click "Animation Point" can see the formation of the cylinder process, the specific operation of the courseware as follows:

1. Make a horizontal line and select the initial current point and press "ctrl+h" to hide it. Use the point tool to construct points O, E, F on a straight line. Select Point O and Point e, select "Construct"--"Draw circle on Center and Circle" as the round OE with O as the center of the circle, the two methods make concentric circle of.

2. Using the point tool to take a point g on a large circle, connect the OG intersection with the line segment tool to Dot H. Select the point h and Line, select "Construct"--"parallel line" to make the parallel lines of EF over point H, the same way to point G as a straight line perpendicular, the two lines in point M.

3. Select the point G and Point M, select "Construct"--"trajectory", the ellipse appears.

4. Using the Point tool in the Ellipse take point a (cannot take key F), select Point A and straight ef, select "Construction"-"vertical line", over a as a straight line ef perpendicular, using the point tool in the perpendicular to take a bit B, select the point A, B, press "CTRL+F" Construction line AB.

5. Select Point A, line AB and point B (Note order), select "Transform"--"Mark Vector", select Point O, select "Transform"--"pan", follow the mark Vector to translate point o to point C, connect the AO, CO, BC using the Segment tool. A visual representation of the rectangular ABCO is formed.

6. Select the segment will AO, right-click to modify the color red, the same way the line segment Co, BC changed to a different color. Select the segments AO, AB, BC, choose Show-track segments, and implement the tracking function.

7. Select the point A, select Edit--Action class button/animation to implement the animation function. Select all the shapes except the rectangle ABCO, and press Ctrl +h to hide them.

8. Click the "Animation Points" button, you can see the segments AO, AB, BC three segments of the rotation of a week after the formation of the cylinder.

The above content to introduce the geometry of the cylindrical rotary body of the implementation method, the operation of the process is more cumbersome, more auxiliary lines, need to be patient operation, it is important to understand the use of geometric artboard tracking function.

Geometry Artboard Tutorial: http://www.jihehuaban.com.cn/template.html

Teach you how to make cylindrical rotation animation courseware

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