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SEO industry is still an old saying, the content of the king, the chain for the emperor. In-station optimization is only systematic operation, and outside the station optimization can be unlimited extension, the chain for the emperor's era, the Institute of Efficient construction of the chain will make your site ranked climbing, irresistible. The so-called 18 palm and six-vein sword if a magic, Fang can unrivaled martial arts, see this article, you dream can also dominate the SEO industry! You will not worry about the construction of the external chain, this article for the difficulty of the key words in the following three points to teach you how to put the chain to play incisively and vividly.

first, the Unpopular keyword optimization

Since it's an unpopular keyword, as long as the external chain based on the competitor's site can be strengthened, the other side of the chain hair where their hair, generally unpopular keywords of the site outside the chain will not be too wide, so we go to track the other side of the chain of the place and release outside the chain will not be tired. In the absence of other optimization factors, as long as this is done, the site rankings and competitors are also similar, need to do is to beat competitors, then the chain will surpass competitors (nonsense), at this time we send out the chain principle is: efficiency. Can choose some well-known webmaster forum, like A5, Chinese webmaster, outdated and so on, the weight of these sites are very high, whether it is signed outside the chain or the body of the chain have a certain quality, and reprinted articles will be included, then we can put the original point of this also saved, copied to the article not false original, to read through, It's not a problem to fix it, read it and have a little knowledge. At the end of their site to leave the link, this high-quality chain 1 can top 10, every time a forum, each forum three, find 10 eight forum hair on the almost, need to pay attention is not to send the wrong section, If it is the original area you are copying someone else's article in that hair, will be deleted not negotiable. There is the classification of information sites outside the chain and question-and-answer sites outside the chain, the two types of sites outside the chain has a great advantage: the main station is high weight, less export links, collected quickly, by a large number of Web sites, easy to delete.

Do some of the above, for the unpopular keyword outside the chain optimization is not a problem.

 Second, medium competitive keywords

The optimization of the external chain of the medium competitive keyword, should pay attention to the chain of relevance, universality and high quality, if you do is the shop source category of words, it should be to some and shop source related to the site hair outside the chain, the relevant site's external chain than irrelevant in quality is much higher. But if you do is more special sensitive words, such as the SF site, outside the chain is generally bad hair, easy to be deleted, you can ignore the relevance of the chain, to strive for universality and high-quality outside the chain, and learn from each other. The release of the chain should be planned and the use of the chain multiplier method, such as: Today, the first batch of outside the chain to 10 webmaster forum hair, each forum issued three soft Wen, to be completed within one hours, the second batch of outside the chain to the entertainment site for one hour, the third group of questions and answers outside the chain of 20, the fourth half an hour to write, to A5, The Chinese stationmaster throws the high quality article, here Analogy's 34th batch of outside chain belongs to multiply, because will be collected and reproduced massively. These plans are not difficult to achieve, or executive power.

As long as every day to adhere to and in excess of time to explore resources, the construction of the chain in the medium of the key to the competition can be considered more perfect, Baidu Update ranking is almost the day.

  Third, the hot key words

Hot keyword refers to: More than the auction site, the natural ranking of many sites, the previous several sites of strong strength. In the optimization of hot keywords, the chain is more to give force, and some Web site construction outside the chain has been unable to break through the bottleneck, beyond competitors. I feel that sometimes it takes more than persistence, mentality, execution, and so on, and the need for strategy, as well as their own conditions (money), some sites have been optimized for six months, a year or even longer, the chain and the inner chain are very strong, what you take and others than, I do not believe that as long as perseverance, iron to grind into a needle so cheat children, Sometimes you should know how to give up. So in the optimization of hot keywords I think should not be hard to touch with others, the so-called not capable enemy, only can outsmart, SEO is not some people's eyes of the "SEO no technical components, adhere to the line", in the observation of foreign SEO professionals and China's strong Taobao customers, I found common seoer and Master gap is too large, The concrete embodiment in which aspect, believed some people also to have discovered. China's "L-brother" in the optimization of his "left-carnitine" keyword, once the first two pages killed Baidu, this is Baidu's own loophole or L-brother's strength, I think it is not important, it is important to let us see the chain of the mighty incomparable, which can be said to be strategic superiority and innovation, Because the sprocket is not widely used by us, we all know the strong sprocket, but really not many people to apply. Some think that the sprocket will be down right or be sentenced to cheating, of course, each of the pros and cons, as long as we have the proper way to play a great effect.

Single chain is more powerful than sprocket, some time ago the Wolf rain SEO and now the BSG rankings so good, are using a lot of high-quality one-way links to his site. The more popular keywords in the optimization, the single chain of quantity and quality to be relatively increased, the need for more money.

Summary: Optimization of the unexpected keyword construction outside the chain is basically no difficulty, the system can be increased outside the chain. Medium keyword optimization Outside the chain to have executive power, planning, or systematic operation. Hot keyword outside the chain of construction, to the strategy to win, the courage to innovate, the current known technology can be used sprocket, single chain (black hat for the time being) to optimize.

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