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Before the next generation of Xbox One is released, you may want to use your Xbox  better. Well, now you can consider turning it into a portable gaming device.

Techjango, based in Texas Austin, launched a darkmatter Xbox Notebook project that is now being funded on Kickstarter. This project allows users who want to turn their Xbox into notebooks to build and customize your Xbox notebook through a DIY suite they offer.

The Darkmatter Xbox Notebook provides a portable enclosure with a 15.6-inch 720p resolution display and speakers. It also includes Ethernet interface, HDMI output, USB port and headphone jack, plus a capacitive touchpad for controlling power supplies, optical drive silos, volume, and so on. Darkmatter also has a built-in Xbox  WiFi component, which means that you need to bring your darkmatter and you can play online with the system link feature in the game.

Techjango's Kickstarter page says that Darkmatter is fully portable, but it also mentions that it is not as traditional as a laptop and can be used without a power supply (that is, temporarily unable to power the battery). You still need to connect it to an Xbox power supply. Darkmatter can be used in conjunction with a wired or wireless Xbox handle and also supports peripherals such as Kinect.

Users can support them by ordering the parts on the Kickstarter to assemble the notebook, you can choose to buy only 75 USD (about 460 RMB) for control system touch control of the Arduino motherboard, or to 499 U.S. dollars (about 3060 RMB) to purchase a whole set of modified kits , which contains no Xbox . In the Kickstarter page, Techjango tells us that such a modified project can be completed on a weekend, which is not very difficult to see.

Or you can buy a pre-packaged Xbox notebook at a price of 999 dollars (about 6120 RMB), but the price is already comparable to many gaming laptops, and these notebooks offer much more functionality than Xbox .

Techjango also said the retrofit kit will be compatible with the Xbox One just released. The Techjango team told Mashable that they had learned enough from Microsoft to keep the suite compatible with a new generation of Xbox, but they wanted the supporters to use the Darkmatter kit for retrofitting Be able to give them timely feedback on the models they have adapted.

In fact, this is not the first Xbox  modified notebook. A lot of DIY enthusiasts have done one of these things, and the most famous one is the Xbox  notebook made by Ben Heck in 2012.

Darkmatter has 19 days to complete its goal of raising $25000 trillion, with only less than 30 people supporting the project at this time. Once the funding targets are reached, Techjango says they will release the design, allowing everyone to design and make a darkmatter of their own for free.

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