Team Project M1 Stage Personal reflection

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As PM of the project, my early work is still very flawed, because there is no reasonable assessment of the project before the development, so the assignment of the task is very unscientific,

and the task allocation is rough, not refined to what everyone should do every day, which led to our later work due to the networking part of the project lag, which is the project ultimately failed a

A very important reason, and secondly, there is less communication among the members of our team, and several of the members who are mainly responsible for development are in their own part, without good communication, so

Later we took a lot of effort to modify before the show, there is the enthusiasm of the team did not mobilize, some students did not seriously put in, so these are our M2 stage need

To rectify the content, I believe that the efforts we have to pay will eventually reap.

Chen Shaojie:

The alpha phase gives me the deepest feeling of learning the pain of Android Development and object C syntax at the same time. It was fortunate that we did not need to write server-side code for this project. But

Later found to pass the OC Code to study the original server usage is not easy, no matter how I try, get instructions no problem, but with the Post method access, even if the last plus

The token generated by the initialization, the return value of the server is still 403. Finally, the network access portion is completely unavailable, which leads directly to all modules that need to exchange data with the server.

Can not be used, so that the final results only a little time how to beautify the UI. In the next phase, our first priority is to straightened out the network Connection section, and then process the server back data.

Connect to the front end, and finally get an Android app with real-world functionality.

Gao Mengye:

In this phase of the software development, I mainly learned about the UI, read the code of the Seniors OS version and part of the Android Open source code, learning XML related knowledge

Knowledge In the process of software development, I first realized that before the software development, we have to do an analysis of the overall structure of the software, so as to be able to arrange the work reasonably. Another aspect, in

Software development process, we have to dare to try, a lot of communication, so as to carry out effective development. Although our work has been flawed at this stage, after absorbing this lesson, we

There will be a lot of improvement in the work behind it.

Lei Yuanyong:

It's a bit embarrassing to knock some words out, because I really do have too little to do with this team and the team project.

At the very beginning, I read part of the book "Android, from getting started to mastering," and during the project, I researched some of MOOC's videos and websites on the web, analyzed the Web

Easy to open classes and other related products. But because the middle loaded several times the Android simulator is not installed, it is discouraged, not to mention the code. Later because of less Jay over the responsible networking that

Blocks have not been done well, there is no motivation to study the relevant things.

Just feel that we did not do a good job in the early stage of the product expectations and goals, resulting in the division of labor is not clear, but also because the division of labor is not based on actual needs, so not to mobilize all the power to

The completion of the project, there is a technical evaluation is not done, so that one step in the technical process is not completed, but others have a helpless situation, and led to the follow-up work is shelved.

Team projects are different from individual projects, personal projects are personal, sometimes water, but team projects are all about the interests of the team, and I can disregard personal interests, but

I cannot affect the interests of the team as a result. In the next research and development cycle, I will certainly try to do something for the team as much as I can.


In this week's team project, the task assigned to me was to do the networking implementation with teammate Chen Shaojie and assist Chen Shaojie to complete the connection Server section. The earlier part of the time is mainly

To read the code, to understand the MOOC made by the iOS version of the implementation code. It must be admitted that my programming ability is poor and it is not easy for a new language to be accepted in reading

The code stage encountered a lot of problems, the seniors program is not well understood. In the late implementation phase of the code, I and Chen Shaojie do the work of connecting the server, mainly to the code to move seniors

Based on the server connection in the Android environment. This phase of my contribution is less, the main work or Chen Shaojie in doing, I come to assist. In the process of doing, encountered a number of problems, to achieve

To meet the bottleneck. The implementation of the elder connection server to understand the transplant is not thorough enough, we always encounter problems in the connection, and later asked the seniors some questions, not yet completely resolved.

This phase is mainly in this part of the card, which is also an important part of the whole project. In the next phase, we'll have to spend more time on this part, in implementing the data sending and receiving and connecting the server

On the basis of the optimization UI part of the design, add some features. To summarize, my contribution to the alpha phase of the team project is not much, and I need to devote more time and effort to the next stage

A breakthrough was made in the beta phase to finalize the project. With the first stage of experience and lessons, I believe I will reap more in the second phase.

Deng Yame:

In the team M1 phase of development, I just at the beginning of the time I read the code in the seniors to the UI section, and then a preliminary understanding of the development of the Android interface, but also

There is no further study. My ability to write code is weaker, and the character is introverted, so I am somewhat unsure, do not know what they can do, and do not actively communicate with the team members, the most

I am very sorry for the fact that I have made almost no effective contribution. Through this stage of teamwork, I feel that I should not be unsure about what I don't know and how to procrastinate

is not good, should actively start, 1.1 to study, should be able to gain, there is I should improve their attention to the team project, and actively communicate with other members of the team,

Define your tasks, work hard, and do what you can to contribute to the team.


The first phase of software development is over, and the results of the first phase of our team are really hard to be satisfied with, honestly. Therefore, I also have some self-reflection and just thought.

First of all, first of all, let me tell you about my own problems, at the outset, I did not pay enough attention to this work, since this is a project for developing clients, we have a team to do

Can be relatively smooth completion, but, a period of time after the book Theory study, began to actually write code AH what, encountered a variety of problems. First, a variety of software, virtual machines, etc.

May computer parameters, set what problem, install these tools on the toss for a few days, suddenly mood is not good.

Then, after a variety of small-scale attempts, because the original assigned to me is the data processing part, mainly is to say from the server-side files, videos, documents and other data processing, and then be able to

Applied to the client. However, the part of the network server is responsible for the work encountered a great deal of problems, because we use the server is written by seniors, our various interfaces to this server is not

Very understanding, debugging for several days, is not successfully connected to the server, can not successfully remove data from the server side, I will not be able to continue to learn to write their own responsible data processing part, want to

Let's help first to solve the problem. And then you have to take the time to see the Internet connection part, now think of yourself this is also very problematic, cause now I feel that these two

Points are only slightly understand some, but are not very will, want me to write code, still do not know where to start. Or to be assigned to their own task-based, first as far as possible to do their own work, but

Then actively try to help other members of the team.

Also, I think our team in the development process of communication is not enough, although there are 4 of the team is our dormitory, but 4 of us, I and a roommate in charge of the data office

Manager, the other two are responsible for network connection, one is PM, although we are so close, between each other or lack of positive communication on the project progress, often self-worried to knock their own

Code, look at your own book or something, and a few other members, especially the more distant two women in charge of the UI part of the communication is even less. The immediate consequence of this is that, when it comes to integration, I

It took a lot of effort to modify it, which was caused by poor communication.

In general, our first phase is not successful, compared with those who demonstrate the success of the team, we pay far less than, although indeed from the strength of the individual to the team, may not be inferior to his

But we still have to do our best to make our own projects. We're going to start with the second stage, summing up lessons learned, down-to-earth steps to start again.

Team Project M1 Stage Personal reflection

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