Technical staff How to change careers (reprint)

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As a technician, I am always saddened by the prospect of the future. I feel the name of the vote, and express my own feelings.
As a technical staff, we all feel that the salary is high, the work is stable, but also can learn a lot of things. Is the inevitable choice of most people who go out of school or are introverted, or want to live a peaceful life. In fact, have you ever asked yourself, is this the right way to go?
A newly graduated university student, engaged in selling and engaged in technical two different jobs, the possible wage gap will reach several times. For the first out of the gate of the people, there is not an extreme temptation. Newly graduated young people, of course, will be determined to choose the path of technology.
Two years later, we look at, because of the accumulation of experience, doing business has accumulated a part of customer resources, do the accumulated good experience of technology, in their respective fields are big open hands and feet, income is basically close.
In the future, the road of technology more and more difficult to go, after all, to do the technology needs a lot of time and energy, otherwise it will not keep up with the current era of technology updates, do business, customer base is growing, experience more and more rich, who's income will be higher?
Two different occupations, they have their own different characteristics, the technical industry is an immortal, full of places, and the sales industry is an endless road to development.
After the 30-year-old, we will choose what, marriage, children, life of a road, do most of the technology has become the head of the technical department, the position is good, do the sales? May be a salesman, after all, do a lot of business is concentrated in the hands of a few. Through the ages, the concentration of wealth is so similar! But is it too far apart to observe the comparison of two successful professional people?
Learn to die, to die, not rich technology, what is worth the nostalgia!
By the age of 30, do you still have the confidence to face heavy work? Do you have the vitality of people who have just been out of society? Can you work with them in front of your boss? Can you leave your wife and children on business for one or two months? Can you order it by your little 10-somethings?
I can't......
Some people will say, I have the technology!
What is the technical experience? Some old, past things, he represents your nostalgia of the past, you can not put the part, you will experience to judge things, choose the method of work. In the new and old technology alternating time, experience can play a role in the past, let you awe eight sides. But how many years of experience do you have to spend on two?
The technology you know will end up out of date, and when you have a rigid mind, it always comes. Then where do you go?
If your goal is only to buy a kennel, put a small cigarette stall, please don't look down. "Contented person Changle" is also a kind of life realm, I envy those five mountains of monks, I do not!
Why do I only live in a 10-flat hut? Why do I have to squeeze the bus every day when I run a car full of streets? I want to fight for the bus no longer after 30 years old!
Transformation------the necessary choice of technical people!
What does transformation do?
What is the advantage of technology? Did you do anything for the last few years?
How to transform?
Let us analyze the occupation, what kind of work can make us older and more treasure.
Needless to say, it is the first place to see the central leaders.
Every mister likes to use the older, sedate! Most companies have to ask an old man or something to be a finance director. Only pay the clock. Without it, do the master of false accounts. My old man takes the money by day at the end of the year.
Good work, old professor, not old how to become a professor. Take the wife's key development goals. Married? Even if it is.
The above mentioned several professions, the technical person is very difficult to have the opportunity, after all, most people have no way to turn such a big bend again.
Our way out, there are only two aspects: Sales and technology-based management!
First talk about doing sales.
People do not have this feeling, do the sales person every day is saying that the customer is difficult to deal with today. And you are not feeling the customer is very good, it is easy to become friends. This is your advantage!
Your previous technical base has made it easy for them to accept you. And you and they have a lot of topics, can really solve a lot of practical problems for them. Always stand in their shoes for their sake, and you can convince them of what you say. Such a business person, which customer does not love?
Do sales, the most difficult how and customers to get the first contact, you have been able to rely on technology breakthrough this point, you are afraid of what. As long as the heart is not too dark, the customer will always be your friend.
As long as you learn more psychology, good exercise your own mouth material, reduce fertilizer. Touch several walls, eat a few times after the loss of what you do not like a business master.
Besides technical management.
You've got the technology, you've got so much experience. Just take them all out, do things, train new people. You will find that others look up at your eyes. In fact, you just deprive them of the opportunity to do hands-on, may also let them follow your train of thought, become your extended hand. Become a bigger stage for your ability to perform. At that time, all the credit is yours, how can the boss not pay attention to you, your position will not rise?
However, this is just the way of turned out.
The best way to do this is to be ...
The first is to attack your own heart.
The first step is to set up your own goals, how much time, how much salary increases, and what the position is. Whether your immediate boss is the boss or who. If you feel your head is over, leave. Looking for a new goal. Don't hesitate.
Step two, take out all your abilities, show it to others, and do everything you can. Perhaps, Bole's eyes are staring at you at this time.
The third step, to improve their technical and management skills, I mean the technical ability is not to keep your pursuit of the latest technology, you do not have so much time. Should go back, seek the source of technology, master him, technology and how to develop, you only need to spend a little time to master the latest.
For the management ability, as long as do not harm the interests of the boss, the tube as far as possible to control, should not control the best advice, whether right or wrong, regardless of success or failure, for you, is the accumulation of experience.
The fourth step, dare to take responsibility, regardless of the outcome of the matter will fail. A person who has the courage to take responsibility for failure is more respectable. And, if you fail, you will lose much, the biggest is just to leave.
Second, attack the hearts of others
Whether it is on the right or the next, should be prudent, the use of the rational analysis of technology, the key to grasp things, "know the Enemy" results, most of them are "Baizhanbudai".
On the next, should try to care about them, because difficult to their backs, good things let out, fame let out a little, anyway, you have a lot of fame, they do well, others will say you bring good, they did wrong, you take care of, it is not a little fame.
For subordinates and colleagues, do not keep the technology, we do not rely on crafts to eat, not to collect antiques, why must wait until become garbage to take out a disgrace. Try to do it! Let everyone be your apprentice. Your popularity will come naturally.
In short, there are many more ...
I think the most glorious time will always pass, in this money-filled society, who is not the weight of the balance. The same size of gold, always have to re-iron it!
Here, I have been thinking, thinking about the future I should go to the road, but also wish you to live their own house, open their own cars, spend their own tickets, put their face.

Technical staff How to change careers (reprint)

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