Techniques for creating perfect WordArt in WPS text

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In the work and study, sometimes for the cover content good-looking, often need to change the effect of the text. Although the PS in the Graphics word processing has a powerful function, but if the request is not high, small series or think with WPS can be. Here is a look at the specific operation.

Set shading and borders for WordArt

When the WordArt is inserted, the WordArt shading and borders are all the default, and we can right-click on the WordArt. Select Set object Format, in the Format Object window, click the Color and Line tab, click on the right side of the dropdown triangle, click Fill effect, in the Fill effect window, you can choose gradients, patterns, and fill the appropriate settings, you can also click on the "texture" or "other texture" fill, you can also select the "Picture" tab to insert a picture as the shading of WordArt.

Object Format

If you want to specify a border for WordArt, you can select a color or other color by clicking the down triangle to the right of "color" below the line, and if the font is larger, you can also set the patterned line as the font border.

Setting Shadows for WordArt

Right-click on the WordArt and choose Format Object. Click on the Layout tab, you can choose the art word wrapping style, such as: surrounded by the surrounding or tight-type surround, or up and down, through the type of wrapping, can also be set to the top of the text or lined with text, so that we can To set up and move accordingly.

Art Word

When we insert a good WordArt, the WordArt and Effect settings tabs appear at the top of the WordArt feature bar. You can make changes to WordArt shapes, such as text, octagon, triangles, and so on, under the WordArt tab interface. Secondly, it can also set up and adjust the height, alignment, character spacing, horizontal vertical row and so on of the WordArt.

If you switch to the "Effect settings" tab next to it, you can set the shadow effect for the WordArt in the pop-up interface. Clicking on "Shadow effect" will pop up a variety of options, "shadow effect" shadow color "on the right to set a satisfactory color, you can also set the" translucent shadow "or" other Shadow color ", after the shading color, you want to shadow according to the use of the environment to make the necessary adjustments, and the right button can move up and down.

Three, add three-dimensional effect to "WordArt"

After the "WordArt" to set the shadow, more than the plane of the WordArt, but, compared to three-dimensional effect, the feeling is still lacking three-dimensional, at this time we can set the "WordArt" effect. Click the "three-dimensional effect" button in the Effect Settings tab. Select a suitable "three-dimensional style", and then in the right color button set three-dimensional color, and then click on the "Surface" button, select a three-dimensional surface effect, after that is the choice of three-dimensional surface effects of "lighting, direction, depth" settings, after the setting is completed, On the three-dimensional effect of fine-tuning, click on the "left, right, up, down, down," You can fine-tune the three-dimensional effect so, set up, adjust the finished "WordArt", so that the document effect can be more icing on the cake.

Three-dimensional effect

WPS "WordArt" features the same as word, as long as friends who have used word know how to use the WordArt. WordArt, as the name suggests, is to create the effect of artistic vision with the text. In WPS, the WordArt can have three-dimensional effects, shading, shading and borders, and so on.

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