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Last year when moving the telecom 10M Network migration, telecommunications company personnel will be the original router back and replaced us with a light cat (ZTE ZXA10 F401) + Beacon HG330 Router combination. After that, the HG330 router comes with no lines, and provides 3 network interfaces and one IPTV interface, as well as two telephone interfaces. Originally thought to save a wireless router, but spent a period of time but found a lot of problems.

Then I miss the days of Tp-link wireless router. But when I pick up a line from a HG330 network interface to the Tp-link wireless router, and then connect the wired network to the Tp-link router, I never get connected to the network. After several days of continuous exploration, online search for a lot of information, coupled with some of their research, and finally today will be the perfect solution to the problem.

First, because the default address for the HG330 and Tp-link routers is, you need to connect the network cable of the desktop directly to the LAN interface of the Tp-link router, and then type in the browser and enter the username and password (default is admin, Admin), enter the Tp-link router management interface. Modify the LAN port settings, where the IP address is modified to an address that does not conflict with the HG330 default (such as:, the subnet mask is changed to, and the settings are saved (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Next modify the WLAN port settings for Tp-link, WAN connection type select PPPoE, fill in the Telecommunications network account and password, choose to automatically connect and save (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

Finally, modify the DHCP Server->DHCP service, fill in the address pool start address and end address respectively as and (note that the first three fields need to be consistent with the LAN port IP address), Both the gateway and the primary DNS server are filled out as IP address for the LAN port. Save the settings (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Next, use a wired network to connect to any LAN port on the HG330 router (be careful not to connect to the IPTV LAN port) and then set up the HG330 router. If you do not have the HG330 router's Super Administrator account and password, you can call 10000 to find a telecom staff. If not, you can also use the following methods to crack. Cracked method is very simple, because the HG330 router defaults to open the FTP port, and there are many articles on the Internet that its default username and password for root and hg330, so you can use FTP in IE to enter the HG330 router directory ( Note: Some other browsers may not see FTP files, so it is recommended to use IE browser. Enter in IE browser, will pop up username and password box, fill in username root and password hg330, then can see inside of directory and file. Find the login.conf file in the/etc directory and click to open it (the right button may not be able to download the file), you can see your HG330 wireless router's Super Administrator account and password, as well as your wireless network account and password (the general user name is Telecomadmin, The password is telecomadmin******** [* as number]. As shown in Figure 4). Copy and save these accounts and passwords to a local file to prevent forgetting. (I was modified some parameters after landing does not go in, and in IE input can not view the login.conf file, and later used another machine to retrieve the Super Administrator account and password).

Figure 4

Next, enter In the browser, enter the Super Administrator account and password in the pop-up router login window, and enter the HG330 router settings. To prevent modification of the wrong parameters, you need to first capture some of the settings to the backup (Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7). (I found that after the first revision, 2 phones are not used, fortunately before the backup, and then studied, with modified backup parameters to the phone also modify the normal)

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

The first thing we need to change is the network-> broadband settings. My default has three settings, see found 2_other_b_vid_85 bound Port 2 for IPTV, so do not move this setting, the other settings (1_tr069_voip_r_vid_46[this and telecommunications remote control (TR069) and telephone (VOIP) related] and 3_internet_r_vid[this and internet related]) removed. Then select "Add a Connection" in the connection name, the service mode chooses "other", the connection type selects "Bridge", the binding port chooses "Port 4" (does not conflict with the IPTV port, then leads to a network cable from the HG330 port to connect the Tp-link router's WLAN port) , click Save (Figure 8).

Figure 8

If your HG330 don't have a connection, you can skip this step. If you are connected to a phone, you need to "add a new connection", the service mode select "VOIP", the connection type defaults to "Route", select DHCP, enable VLAN, VLAN ID and 802.1p Parameters reference backup 1_tr069_voip_r_vid_46 parameters fill (Figure 9), click Save.

Figure 9

In order to prevent telecommunications remote modification of HG330 router parameters, you need to modify the network-> remote management parameters, the ITMS server in the periodic notice is disabled, the ACS URL changed slightly to an invalid address, such as the replaced by ( As shown in Figure 10), save the settings.

Figure 10

The network parameters are set to this. If you often use some peer-to-peer download software (such as BT, etc.), you can open the UPND port mapping, online rumors on the download speed for a long time to help. In the Apply->UPNP configuration, check enable UPnP automatic port mapping (Figure 11).

Figure 11

Well, that's the last step. HG330 Port 4 pulls a network cable to the WLAN port of the Tp-link wireless router, and then connects the computer and the Tp-link wireless router to any LAN port. Open Tp-link Wireless router, and then turn off ZTE ZXA410 F401 light cat and Beacon HG330 Router power supply, 10s clock after the opening of ZTE ZXA410 F401 light cats and Beacon HG330 router power. It's done! This can be used Tp-link routers to connect more than one computer at the same time, you can also use Tp-link wireless router for wireless internet access. Enjoy it!

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