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As an important tracker for phone: calltracker, dataconnectiontracker, servicestatetracker

Servicestatetracker:Process and maintain various statuses of mobile phones

Cell location celllocation, network status servicestate, signal strength signalstrength,

Business restriction status restrictedstate, user identification card information iccrecords ......

Take a look at the structure of the servicestatetracker class:

There are some differences between CDMA and GSM network communication technologies. Let's take a look at the cdmaservicestatetracker workflow.

Cdmaservicestatetracker is a handler used to process many messages. You can understand the process and role of cdmaservicestatetracker from the message it processes.


Construct cdmaservicestatetracker 1 cdmaservicestatetracker Construction
 Public  Cdmaservicestatetracker (cdmaphone phone ){  //  Related object initialization          This . Phone = Phone; SS = New Servicestate (); newss = New  Servicestate (); cellloc = New  Cdmacelllocation (); msignalstrength = New  Signalstrength ();  //  CDMA sub‑source management host/card separation or integration Mcdmassm = cdmasubscriptionsourcemanager. getinstance (phone. getcontext (), CM, This  , Event_cdma _subscription_source_changed, Null  );  //  Register related events with RIL  //  Register a radio status change listener event Cm. registerforradiostatechanged ( This , Event_radio_state_changed, Null  );
// Voice service status changes Cm. registerforvoicenetworkstatechanged ( This , Event_network_state_changed_cdma, Null );
// Time update Cm. setonnitztime ( This , Event_nitz_time, Null );
// Signal strength update Cm. setonsignalstrengthupdate ( This , Event_signal_strength_update, Null );
// Roaming list Cm. registerforcdmaprlchanged ( This , Event_cdma _prl_version_changed, Null );
// OTA Problems Cm. registerforcdma otaprovision ( This , Event_ota_provision_status_change, Null );
// Obtain the CDMA Standard Cm. getcdmasubmessage (obtainmessage (event_poll_state_cdma _submessage )); // System Setting property airplane_mode_on is set in settings. Int Airplanemode = settings. system. getint (Cr, settings. system. airplane_mode_on, 0 ); Mdesiredpowerstate =! (Airplanemode> 0 );}


2 event processing

When RIL receives such an event, it will notify Y to the registered handler for processing;

 Public   Void  Handlemessage (Message MSG ){  Switch  (Msg. What ){...... Case  Event_ruim_ready:  //  Parse roaming-related ERI data  Phone. prepareeri ();  Break  ;  Case  Event_nv_ready:  //  The device-card-integrated subcategory information is stored in NV on the mobile phone.  Getsubscriptioninfoandstartpollingthreads ();  Break ;  Case  Event_radio_state_changed:  //  Radio open status to obtain signal strength                  If (CM. getradiostate () = Radiostate. radio_on) {handlecdmasubscriptionsource (mcdmassm. getcdmasubscriptionsource ());  //  Signal strength polling stops when radio is off.  Queuenextsignalstrengthpoll ();}  // Start radio  Setpowerstatetodesired ();  //  Network status change update  Pollstate ();  Break  ;  Case  Event_network_state_changed_cdma:  //  Network status change update  Pollstate ();  Break  ; Case  Event_get_signal_strength:  //  Obtain RF signal strength Onsignalstrengthresult (AR, phone, False  ); Queuenextsignalstrengthpoll ();  Break  ;  Case  Event_poll_signal_strength: cm. getsignalstrength (obtainmessage (event_get_signal_strength ));  Break  ; Case  Event_nitz_time:  //  Update Time  Settimefromnitzstring (nitzstring, nitzreceivetime );  Break  ;  Case  Event_signal_strength_update:  //  Update signal strength Onsignalstrengthresult (AR, phone, False  ); Break  ;  Case  Event_ruim_records_loaded:  //  Update mobile phone SPNs  Updatespndisplay ();  Break  ;...... }} 
3. event handling process

Create a cdmaservicestatetracker object and register the listener when the phone is created.

Handle several boot events:

After establishing the connection between ril cpp and qcril in the rild process, ensure that the RIL and native RIL socket connections at the framework layer are established.

After a socket connection is established, ril_cpp sends the ril_unsol_ril_connected message to ril_java to inform ril_java that the connection has been established;

Otherwise, ril_java constantly tries to establish a connection, and ril_cpp will continue to listen for the connection.

Based on the sequence diagram process:

1) ril_cpp sends the establish connection message ril_unsol_ril_connected to ril_java

2) After ril_java receives the ril_unsol_ril_connected of the established connection, it sends the ril_request_radio_power message to rild and sets radio to off.

3) the modem sends the radio status change event. After ril_java receives the event, it switches the status and notifies the radio status change.

4) cdmaservicestatetracker receives the event_radio_state_changed notification, and sets radio to on.

5)Ril_java sends the ril_request_radio_power message to rild to start radio.

6) Send the event_radio_state_changed notification to change the radio status. The cdmaservicestatetracker updates the status and obtains the signal strength ......


4. Status settings

InCodeThe status changes are handled in pollstate.


CaseEvent_radio_state_changed: setpowerstatetodesired (); pollstate ();Break;CaseEvent_network_state_changed_cdma: pollstate ();Break;


The final state is through calling the FunctionPollstatedoneCompleted:

 Protected   Void  Pollstatedone (){  // Maintain two servicestate statuses to determine status changes          If (DBG) log ("pollstatedone: oldss = [" + SS + "] newss = [" + newss + "]" );  //  Mobile Network Status          Boolean Hasregistered = SS. getstate () ! = Servicestate. state_in_service & Amp; newss. getstate () = Servicestate. state_in_service;  Boolean Hasderegistered = SS. getstate () =Servicestate. state_in_service & Newss. getstate ()! = Servicestate. state_in_service;  //  Data Network Status          Boolean Hascdma dataconnectionattached = Mdataconnectionstate ! = Servicestate. state_in_service & Mnewdataconnectionstate = Servicestate. state_in_service;  Boolean Hascdma dataconnectiondetached = Mdataconnectionstate =Servicestate. state_in_service & Mnewdataconnectionstate! = Servicestate. state_in_service;  //  Determination of various data connection status changes          Boolean Hascdma dataconnectionchanged = Mdataconnectionstate ! = Mnewdataconnectionstate;  Boolean Hasradiotechnologychanged = mrilradiotechnology! = Mnewrilradiotechnology;  Boolean Haschanged =!Newss. Equals (SS );  Boolean Hasroamingon =! SS. getroaming ()&& Newss. getroaming ();  Boolean Hasroamingoff = ss. getroaming ()&&! Newss. getroaming ();  Boolean Haslocationchanged =! Newcellloc. Equals (cellloc );  //  Update Status  Servicestate TSS; TSS = SS; SS =Newss; newss = Tss;  //  Clean slate for next time  Newss. setstateoutofservice (); cdmacelllocation TCL = Cellloc; cellloc = Newcellloc; newcellloc = TCL; mdataconnectionstate = Mnewdataconnectionstate; mrilradiotechnology = Mnewrilradiotechnology;  // This new State has been applied-forget it until we get a new state Mnewrilradiotechnology = 0 ; Newss. setstateoutofservice ();  //  Clean slate for next time  //  Network registration status notification          If  (Hasregistered) {mnetworkattachedregistrants. policyregistrants ();}  //  Data Connection notification          If (Hascdma dataconnectionattached) {mattachedregistrants. policyregistrants ();}  //  Data disconnection notification          If  (Hascdma dataconnectiondetached) {mdetachedregistrants. policyregistrants ();}  //  Enable roaming notification          If  (Hasroamingon) {mroamingonregistrants. policyregistrants ();}...... } 


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