Ten soft powers that cannot be replicated in the workplace

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What is the core competitiveness? There is only one answer:That is, the capability of "cannot be copied ".! Every successful enterprise in the world has a core competitiveness that cannot be copied. Creating a core competitiveness that others cannot replicate is the key to "growth and growth. Similarly, if an individual wants to win a thousand miles in the development of the workplace, he must also have a core competitiveness that cannot be copied, such as Tang Jun. Only in this way can you make sure that you are comfortable with your career development and achieve "career growth ". So how is workplace competence made up? What capabilities are your core competencies that cannot be copied? Career development requires only two types of strengths: hard power and soft power ". Hardware, such as degree certificates, English certificates, and professional qualification certificates. This is the stepping stone of your career. For example, in some organizations, a bachelor's degree or above is required; or the title of the organization must be assessed to a certain degree. At this time, "hard strength" is at work. These strengths can be achieved through learning, and can be copied. For example, you can obtain a bachelor's or master's degree, and others can also obtain it. At this time, such capabilities cannot become core competitiveness. If hard power is excluded and can become the core competitiveness, it is naturally "soft power ". In fact, this is also a concern of many employers. At least 80% of Employees in the Workplace do not have this "soft power ". When you practice hard and have such strength, you will become the leader in the 20% S. Is it still a problem if you want to develop smoothly in the workplace? As the chief career consultant of the first workplace Forum, based on my many years of career experience and numerous career planning consulting cases, I have summarized the "soft power" that the following 10 Professionals should possess ". These strengths will become your core competitiveness that cannot be replicated in the workplace, helping your career grow faster! 1. Have you ever encountered these problems when establishing career planning: Are you bored with your current job? Lack of motivation and enthusiasm for work? Feeling at work is a kind of pain? Are you confused about the future "? Does it seem that I am not suitable for this job? Busy all day, but I don't know what I'm busy? To survive, you have to stick your head to it? I want to change jobs, but I am not sure I can find a better job? According to my personal judgment, at least 80% of people in the workplace will encounter the above problems. The most fundamental reason for these problems is the lack of goals. You do not know what you want or what you are pursuing. The sky is "east first, West first", so, in the pursuit of "East" and "West", you gradually become "unable to find the North ". When others have no direction and focus only on the present, you will be more likely to succeed if you are more distant than others. Vision determines your future. 2. Establish a good interpersonal relationship "only 15% of a person's career success is due to his professional skills, and the other 85% rely on interpersonal and social skills ." Dell Carnegie's famous saying tells the importance of interpersonal relationships. There is a magic "Six-Person Law": A stock expert has done an experiment and sent an email about the stock information to a stranger, and asked the stranger to forward this email to a person who loves stock trading. When this email was forwarded for the sixth time, it was actually forwarded back to the stock experts. After countless experiments, no more than six forwarding records were received from the issuance to the revocation. Therefore, a preliminary conclusion was drawn: no more than six people will be associated with any two people. Two strangers can establish a contact with up to six people. This magical law of six also shows the importance of interpersonal relationships. Even if you look less important at ordinary times, maybe you can find the minister of railways at that time, so that you can easily buy a train ticket for returning home from the Spring Festival. For the time being, it is not that big. In terms of career development alone, the relationship between many people and the boss is not well handled. How do you develop? 3. The art of communication has recently attracted much attention from the post posted by the host of Beijing TV station by Yi Zhongtian. Nothing else. From the perspective of communication between the host and Yi Zhongtian, a problem occurs. Every boss has its own personality. If you meet a boss like Yi Zhongtian, you may not even know how to die at the end of the day according to the communication method of the host. Some people complained to me about how many classes were added on the workplace every day and how much effort they made. As a result, in the end, the promotion and salary evaluation were advanced, and there was no such thing as my own, on the other hand, those who do not work very hard at ordinary times are snatched away. As a result, the more you think about it, the more depressed it is. I asked him, who knows if you work overtime every day? Have you reported your score to your boss? Have you talked with your boss about your ideas? He said no. He was a small employee and said nothing. I asked him, how did you know there was no result if you didn't even have the courage to say it? There are too many such tasks in the workplace. Statistics show that 30.43% of people in the workplace have a good relationship with leaders and are easy to communicate with. 57.97% of people have a general relationship with leaders. 10.14% of people have bad relationships with leaders and often complain behind them; 1.45% of people often conflict with leaders. It can be seen that most professionals lack communication with their bosses or superiors, which leads to a lot of confusion, helplessness, and even negative emotions, which not only affects work efficiency and effectiveness, it also delays your career prospects. 4. The ability of continuous learning many people go to a job and do not know what to do or how to do it. Especially for many college students who have just arrived at the company, this situation is even more obvious. "360 rows, row-out champion ." If you want to identify a position or industry, the smartest person will have at least three to five years or longer. How long can you eat because many people do not charge themselves? If you are a college student, ask yourself: Have you learned anything that has significantly improved you over the last six months? If you are an in-service employee, you should ask yourself, are you still standing in the past six months? Have you improved your capabilities? How much value have you created for the company? I have been in touch with many new HR employees and have been working for two or three years. It is a trivial task and no progress has been made. I asked them: You know the recruitment process, but do you know how to build a team? You know the interview procedure, but do you know how to select a candidate? You know the appraisal system, but do you know how to improve employee enthusiasm? Do you know the root cause of so many problems in enterprises? The results left them speechless. Don't blame the boss for not reusing you. Before asking this question, I 'd like to know how many pounds I have, and where I am now, and what else I am missing. Please recharge and make up for it! 5. Find your strengths and actively use the "Barrel Theory" to tell many people the truth: to make progress, you must make up for your shortcomings. As a result, many people are inspired by this theory to actively make up for their "short board" and ignore the emphasis on "long board! Now I want to tell you: this theory has been "nonsense" for personal development. Believe it? Let's take a look at the following deduction: Remember: The right is the best. 6. Why can I see tens of thousands of RMB in a month when I try to increase my additional value? Qualifications and Experience! Where does your qualifications come from? Work loyalty. How can I change my job after three months? Where did experience come from? Industry loyalty. How can we achieve growth after half a year? If you want to get a promotion or salary increase in a company, you have to work for at least one year. If you want to grow in an industry and have your own unique insights, you have to work for at least three years. Don't expect a high salary if you have no qualifications or experience! 7. If you are frustrated with your positive working attitude, you may feel uncomfortable. How can you impress your boss? 8. Learn to be a person and "Do things first ." Whatever you do, you must think about whether you can afford your own conscience. At least when you get older, it will make your mind quiet. The three most important principles for human beings: 1. be strict with yourself and be generous with others. Grateful to those who hurt you, because they have honed your mindset; grateful to those who have fallen over you, because they have strengthened your will; grateful to those who have cheated you, because he has enhanced your wisdom; grateful to those who despise you, because he has awakened your self-esteem; grateful to those who abandoned you, because he taught you how to be independent. Treat everyone with a tolerant and grateful heart. As Mr. Li Ka-shing said, "There is always room for everything, because people are human beings, people are not gods, and there are mistakes. If you can forgive people, you will be forgiven ." 2. Learn to listen. Learning to listen is a kind of virtue, cultivation, and aura. Do not intercept or interrupt others in the middle. Otherwise, it will be regarded as impolite and lack of cultivation. A modest and studious person, a person who knows how to be kind to others, and a person who will reflect on it will always know how to listen! At any time, listening shows a person's professionalism. 3. Be honest and trustworthy. In a word: Be honest and be honest! 9. What do you do? "How can I avoid wet shoes when walking by the river ?" Even a "veteran of the rivers and lakes" may be at odds, not to mention new people? A college student once worked as an assistant to the boss. Once, to receive an important customer, due to a large number of people, it happened that the customer was fat again. out of kindness, he arranged for someone to sit next to the driver. Later, people reported the incident to the boss, which made the boss very unhappy and fired him with anger. There are also workplace rules. Many people who have been working for many years still do not know what are the "forbidden zones" and what are the "days" that cannot be violated. As a result, they do not know how they died, still complaining. "The wise man is Jun Jie ." Knowing what to do and what to do is a required course for career development. 10. A lot of people will only play tricks and talk about spofs. When they want to work with a gun, they will be unable to do anything, turning them into turtles. Many people may have dreams, but there is often a gap between dreams and reality. Sometimes the result is not as expected, not because we don't understand it, but because we speak too much and act too little. "Executive Power" is not only a problem for enterprise survival, but also a problem that must be solved by individual development. To succeed, you must start from now on. As IBM's advertisement says: "stop talking and start action !"

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