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It's not just web design that motivates us to create great websites, and almost anything around us can do that.

We have never been able to predict when the fire of creativity in the body will be ignited. I often find that some of the most mundane things make me look at things in a new or different way. Here are my favorite sources of inspiration for 10 of designs besides web pages.


One of the best places to think about design is outdoors. Look, the combination of beautiful shapes and colours in nature. Personally, I like to think of flowers as the source of inspiration for palettes.

The fall of the pansy, showing a sharp clash of colors, can be a source of new project palette design.


Many designers believe that listening to some ditty can really create ideas, and that music has other benefits as well. When we listen to different kinds of music, think about the mixed emotions that we can experience, and adjust them to the atmosphere that blends with your project, which can create a little extra inspiration. When listening to a song, let your thoughts diverge and use the picture outlined in your mind as the basis for the outline of the project.

I also like the creativity and thought behind the art of music. The album cover (even the electronic version) is also worth browsing, and it can inspire creative thinking, which is really interesting. The simplicity of Jess's super selection is one of my favorite albums. (This design is plain and simple and has been issued long ago)


Design is another form of artistic or creative expression, and observing other forms of art can indeed help your project make progress, but do not just cling to the picture. Sculpture can also be an excellent source of inspiration. Take a closer look at their shapes and how they connect and interact with each other to come up with new ideas for designing Web pages.


Packaging design may be one of the most overlooked design types. Have you ever wondered how many times you've opened a piece of gum or thrown away a drink bottle and never thought about what it was like? When they use a small area of style, they tend to attract attention. (such as those that are filled with readable information on food labels)

Careful observation of this kind of things can help you design small space. Packaging can also be used in different shapes and formats, and it can also inspire us to display content in different ways. (no matter do not have to behave)


While photography is an obvious source of inspiration for web design, it's not as popular as you might think.

If you have a great image to use for a project, don't just stay on the level of inspiration, use it, vigorously extend the design and focus on the picture. On the contrary, if you don't have any images, then go to the world of photography to find a way. When you're stuck in a design bottleneck, you'll benefit from browsing websites such as National Geographic, Gilgeringborg, and Rehon. (These sites are well designed for photo-themed topics.)


You can learn about the emerging trends in color, size, and texture from fashion shows, fashion show and magazines, and then apply some of the same concepts to web design.

The scale of fashion designers ' performances can help you think about how to build things in large (or small) ways, while color selection and textures are also the best popular elements to watch. Many of the background textures we see on our website are based on fabric or costume patterns.

The point of fashion as an inspiration is that sometimes web designers take a while to catch up with the hottest trends. But it's also a good way to lead the fashion and predict the next season.

  Interior Design

Interior design is one of the easiest to inspire in color and texture.

Stroll through a furniture store and touch and observe the woven sample to visualize the web background of the fantasy. You can also mix colors and textures in real life to figure out what colors and textures fit together before creating a digital version.

Paying attention to the trends in interior design can help you understand which colors are most popular. You can go to the website of the chip or design a blog to learn the most popular colors and how to apply it to one of your projects.


Although there are many naysayers who hate the sharing of all food pictures, these simple pictures can often inspire people.

The colors and shapes of these pictures are really good. For some reason, sushi pictures make me want to be the most imaginative. (perhaps because of its color or shape) watching food can help you create a food-related website or something completely unrelated.

  Old Things

When you start creating the image, the old things can help you start off well. Coins, movie posters or old books all contain excellent colors and typographical styles. Many of the styles you see may not be so common, but it makes your project look or feel less popular, but it's different.

The advantage of these raw materials is that they allow you to think in different ways. For example, there are many old books, which are accompanied by sketches rather than photographs or brightly coloured illustrations. Just looking at this style can help you come up with different ways to create and use images.


For me, buildings and their contours (especially in larger cities) are a source of magical inspiration. The shape and life of these creations make me want to create something that belongs to me.

Apply the shapes you see in the building to some interesting creations in the digital field. When you need a background, imagine what the contours of those buildings look like on the horizon, and when you plan the elements, imagine them as frames. Also, take into account the contours of the night, and see How Light and Darkness (based on the color difference) work together to create a visual illusion and copy it into a design project.

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