Ten years, after ten years, they're still knocking on the code.

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Summary: saying that the programmer is also a meal of youth, often need overtime, high-intensity work, new technology learning needs and so on, so that youth no longer come to the practitioners feel labored, but still have a large number of people for various reasons 10 years as a day of the knock Code, 10 years is what kind of experience, you will become one of them?

Ten years ago in 2004, the Chinese netizens broke through 90 million gratifying, the third generation of interactive search engine Sogou just came out, Sina, Sohu, NetEase is China's top Internet Enterprise, 2004 Internet memorabilia do not see bat Shadow, small series in the middle school, of course, there are a number of very ordinary programmers in the code.

Take a look at the more than 10-yard 10-year or ordinary, or drifting journey (the following programmer information is mainly from the knowledge)

No. 1th, the ordinary code farm

1997 University graduation, programming so far, to coding for fun, 2003, in the Java e-Government projects, 2013 in an e-commerce service enterprises, to do the middle-tier related technology development and management.

No. 2nd, the ordinary code farm

Ten years ago the summer vacation, with Delphi Toss the life of the first RPG, spent 8 months, that is the first in their life more than 10,000 lines of the program, at that time the study process just over three years. From that time onwards, we began to understand the value of object-oriented, design patterns and algorithms. He had been in m$ for four years so far last year. Learn about the areas related to things basically useless, in the home to toss their own things, including GUI, IDE, scripting engine and rendering program, want to play a game again.

No. 3rd, the ordinary code farm

It's still a programmer, and in 20 years it should still be.

Believe in time, writing procedures will not just be a career, but also become a kind of accomplishment, as four arts, of course, the promotion of real life is more direct and obvious.

No. 4th, the ordinary code farm

Ten years ago was a programmer, wrote the program for 10 years.

Although a lot of people do not want to write the program, but always insisted that work not to write, work, resulting in digging a lot of procedures to fill the pit. Stronger than 10 years ago is, now multi-language, at least the Chinese and Japanese English three languages do not need other people to intervene can be done independently, the year can only be done in English version. Think you can write a ten-year program, but it is best not 10 years can only write programs.

No. 5th, the ordinary code farm

The first Contact program in 1994, is still writing code, mostly C or C + +. Previously written platform software, most of the writing is now embedded system code, the first time in 2013 to contact a clear design phase.

No. 6th, the ordinary code farm

2003, the first prize of ACM has been obtained. 2013 is still writing procedures, their own business, take the lead in writing procedures, the company inside others do not make things, their own to take care of. Like to write programs, especially like to write a variety of applications to the degree of automation, a variety of service-like to make fully automatic, permanent maintenance-free. Many do not want to carry out system maintenance of things, but also write a monitoring program to control.

Think that writing programs can bring people a lot of meaningful things, can save a lot of repetitive work.

Ordinary program, No. 7th

2002 for the first time to write a program, using C + + to write automated three-dimensional warehouse communication program, left a scgi, the right of an IBM minicomputer. At that time is the most happy, writing procedures very existence, a group of women incredibly can have completed a good tens of millions of project, feel very good. Later to write Java, do enterprise applications, slowly began to bring people, write programs to reduce the proportion of the beginning. Now the team is not big, everyone is a senior programmer, writing procedures is not much time, just to relax.

Ten years, slowly know oneself is actually not a Geek, have not seen the most awesome, but than oneself of all around. found that in fact should follow their own heart, so, find a group of people opened a company of their own.

No. 8th, the ordinary code farm

19 years ago, the programmer, without boasting of capital, is still a silent programmer. In fact, if you don't stay up late with the young, the programmer to 50 is no problem.

No. 9th, the ordinary code farm

Ten years ago was a programmer, wrote 10 years of program, intends to write another ten years.

Think carefully, although the program has been written, but there are some changes. 2003 ago, write some crud and other programs, JSP tune the database. 9 years ago, an MVC framework was written for the project. 6 years ago, a Web application firewall was written and sold worldwide. 4 years ago, wrote a distributed cache and storage system on a Web site for hundreds of millions of users. A year ago, in writing a big data analysis of the SQL engine.

No. 10th, the ordinary code farm

Wrote the code for 8 years, then from programmer to architect, project manager, department Manager, then ... Finally become a cock silk business, completely away from the coding industry, now often be technology despise, understand AH, this realization is very difficult! Before the product release and technical communication, always want to roll up the sleeves of their own hands, but always by a variety of things delay. 08 Android1.0 just came out to play with a few days, a simple set up an Android app mall, last year, I want to make a blog site, with WordPress to do the next, re-read PHP, and began to write a few days. In front of investors, often hear: what technical leadership of your products, how to ensure that others can not copy? This should be easy to achieve, why should I vote for you ...

No. 11th, the ordinary code farm

Immediately 40, still writing code, writing a variety of code, written from C + + to object-c, from Java write to Lua, enjoy, enjoyed very much.

Think, 40-year-old write not write code, not the problem, 40 years old is not also rely on writing code to earn money, is not a problem. The key is that you don't love writing code, and what code are you writing? If you don't get any fun writing code, you don't have to be 40 years old, and writing code for 20 is a tragedy.

small part said: Ten years seems very long, in fact, inadvertently is also a moment, ten years ago, some of the program members have switched to management, their own boss, perhaps still insist on knocking code, but it is not difficult to see that they are very passionate about this occupation, 30-year-old, 40-year-old, 50-year-old, Even older still knocking on the code may not be so hard to accept, but like the one in the above said: can write a ten-year program, but it is best not 10 years can only write programs.

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Ten years, after ten years, they're still knocking on the code.

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