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Where were you at that time?

It has been a decade since developerWorks! Can you imagine how to understand the Web development process in this period through history? This is exactly what I want to do now.

A review of such things as developerWorks involves a long span of time, even if it is just a Web development aspect. Some information will soon become obsolete, because it seems that very advanced technology will soon be replaced by the next revolution. There is still some information that will survive, and some ideas will always be mentioned. Although the first appearance has been many years ago, it will not be outdated until today.

I wanted to give my views on technology and the impact of developerWorks on me, but then I realized that my memory didn't make much sense to you. At that time, you had your own jobs and troubles. Your story is as rich and colorful as developerWorks. Therefore, the focus of my review will be shifted to other topics. This content is easy to find. You can find the most popular music, movies, and other content in your favorite search engine by typing "top ten" and its age.

I think it is more interesting to look at the history of developerWorks than to find this information for you. To understand what happens in each year, I use three elements to describe each year: music, movies, and new things. This is a simple understanding of an era, but my goal is not to evaluate historical events. I hope to find some key elements in my memory to help you recall your location in that era. In the Web development field, I hope to see the popular things at that time.

What's interesting is that I found that no matter what year it was, the content I searched for was always published in the previous year. I like this because it means that information has not lost its value after a year. People are still referencing these articles and guiding others to read them.

Time travel

In the classic sci-fi movie "Time Travel" (starring Rod Taylor), the protagonist sits in his magic machine and begins to move forward to the future. Everything around us began to change at an astonishing rate, from the Victorian Age to the modern age crowded with cars and pedestrians, and then grew farther and farther away; buildings fell down; Fashion changed; nothing was static. This is the best moment in the movie, so that the audience can understand the concept of time.

The Internet is my time machine. With some resources and backend information, I can retrieve and combine content from the secret vault of developerWorks.

The first tool I used was Wayback Machine (see references ). This is indeed a time machine. It stores massive amounts of Internet data, including each time point. I used Wayback Machine to find data that disappears from a favorite website. In order to complete my review, I point it to http://ibm.com/?works, and have captured the views of the developerWorks website over the past decade. All views are incomplete because they contain links to images, and images are not saved in the archive. However, it is sufficient to understand the characteristics of this developerWorks stage. From today's point of view, the 1999 version is too simple, although it is currently quite fashionable. In the next year, we made some level of refinement and finally became the developerWorks we love today. You can try it by yourself.

I extracted the most popular cultural information from some sites and listed it in references. The references I selected are all meaningful content. I hope you can find the content you are interested in. In short, I used the Billboard to list rock music because it was something I heard from the console. Movies are obtained from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) list of the current year. New things come from CNN.com Year In Review.

I know that I may have missed something that is significant to you. My choice is not to evaluate the importance of an art or news event, but to provide an environment. I hope they will remind you of your reference.



This trip will be interesting. You may only want to move forward a little bit at a time. For each year, I have provided some related content about the events at that time and some popular articles at that time. If you want to enjoy it more deeply, you can try to play some old music and let yourself go back to the past when browsing the article. Some may have been read and some may make you laugh, because it may remind you that some ideas seem very difficult when they are just proposed. Some of them may draw on your appeal and allow you to start recording and go deep into the final gold mine that was ignored by you. You may need to set an alarm to avoid getting stuck in the past.


The whole world is busy dealing with the "millennium bug", writing a lot of code and producing a lot of hardware. Lenny Kravitz plays "Fly Away" on the console ". Some people try to solve the mysterious movie "sense 6", others are eager for the long-awaited "Star Wars prequel: the threat of the Ghost" or "Yeah, baby!". -- Austin Powers's first movie. Some people entered the "hacker empire".

The Web development we are now familiar with does not exist at the time, but the media has begun to praise the technical content proposed on developerWorks. My Wayback Machine page view still has a beta tag!


When we laughed at the millennium bug, Metalica brought his music "No Leaf Clover" and "I Disappear" to the millennium. creed brings us "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open". In terms of film, Tom Hanks has established a close relationship with volleyball in "the rest of the Desert", while Ron Howard shares his vision in "Christmas wonder", where Russell Crowe shows his thigh in "the gladiator. (It is ironic that Mel Gibson also shows off his thigh in "eavesdropping female", which can be said to be a thigh year in the film industry ). Researchers have drawn a blueprint for humanity, where 118 Russian submarine crew members who suffered losses from the sinking of Barents Sea Kursk began to discuss the dot.com internal explosion. By the way, the U.S. starts the presidential election. In terms of Web development, people begin to read the following articles:

  • Using WSDL in SOAP applications
  • An introduction to RDF
  • Web Services architecture overview
  • The user experience
  • PHP by example, Part I


The station broadcasts Godsmack's Awake and Staind's It's Been Awhile. In the cinema, the audience was deeply attracted by the young wizards in "Harry Potter and the magic stone" and the old wizards in "The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings". There was also a monster called "shrek ". It is hard to believe that people were still arguing over the criteria and clone dangers of drinking water coolers earlier, but there were September tragedies in 9/11. However, technology is still developing. developerWorks articles on Web development include:

  • XPCOM Part 1: An introduction to XPCOM
  • Remote scripting using a servlet
  • A cross-browser DHTML table
  • Web-based data mining
  • The gentoo.org redesign, Part 1: A site reborn


Welcome to the Puddle of Mudd song "Blurry" and "I Stand Alone" of Godsmack in 2002. Movie enthusiasts started a series of magical journeys, including Spider, the Lord of the Rings: the Twin Towers, the Star Wars: The clone attack, and the Harry Potter and the secret room. The war broke out in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the enemy escaped. Enron's company scandal did not provide any help. However, on developerWorks, we entered service-oriented thinking and Web 2.0:

  • Introduction to Xindice
  • Gradually understand Web Service Standards: Does my Web service apply to your clients?
  • The Web's future: XHTML 2.0
  • Business Process: Understanding BPEL4WS, part 1
  • Web Service Innovation


The radio station plays Trapt's Headstrong and White Stripes's Seven Nation Army. In terms of film, we made hobbites back to their hometown in "The return of The Lord of the Rings: the return of the Kings", and the children fell in love with "bottom story". We saw Captain Jack in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of black pearls, and return to the virtual world of "reinstallation of the matrix. As we continue the war in the Middle East, we pay tribute to the astronauts of the space ship Columbia. When people in the United States and Canada suffer from power control, their infrastructure has been fully updated. On developerWorks, users are looking for ways to optimize and expand Web applications:

  • Strike a balance: Users 'expertise on interface design
  • The cranky user: What can users do?
  • Take Web data analysis to the next level with PHP
  • Build and implement a single sign-on Solution
  • Use HTTP compression to accelerate Web Data Transmission


The film has brought many sequents, such as Shrek 2 and spider 2, to show how creative and poetic the title can be. Other movie enthusiasts flock to "Difficulties in Jesus" and "Superman workers" and continue the adventures of the teenage wizards "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". These allow us to escape the news of a large number of US presidential elections, a large number of natural disasters, and the resignation of Ronald Reagan and Mr. Trump. Thousands of people read and discuss the impact of 9/11 events. At the same time, we listened to Incubus's Megalomaniac and Linkin Park's Numb. In the Web development world, the following changes have taken place:

  • Create easy-to-view tables
  • Web app security using Struts, servlet filters, and custom taglibs
  • Data structures: Make the right choice
  • Best practices for Struts Development
  • Prevents cross-site scripting attacks


The world has seen more disasters, such as the Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the earthquakes in Pakistan. We say goodbye to Johnny Carson and Pope John Paul II. Foo Fighters brings us "Best Of You", and Green Day brings us "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams". For movies, we have Batman and King Kong in Peter Jackson's eyes. We fall in love with the hero in Star Wars: The Revenge of the siss', and pass the legend of Nagano: the Lion, The Witch, And the magic wardrobe enter a new world. In the Web development history, we have seen many important articles. I will mention more in the "conclusion" section:

  • Migrate applications from Internet Explorer to Mozilla
  • The Spring series, Part 1: Introduction to the Spring framework
  • The Spring series, Part 2: When Hibernate meets Spring
  • The cranky user: But does it come in purple?
  • Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both?


Red Hot Chili Peppers brings Dani California, while Three Days Grace brings Animal I Have Become. This has slightly mitigated the grief of the Sago Mine Explosion and the fear of contaminated spinach. At the same time, North Korea investigated its nuclear test. Experts analyzed the verdict of Saddam, and many of them lamented the victims of the Mumbai train explosion. Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Erwin ended playing. In terms of film, I know that the dancing Penguin "Happy Feet" and "Casino Royal" have a brand new James Bond and a new face in "Super return, old Captain Jack is still in Pirates of the Caribbean: the soul of the soul. In the Web development world, Ajax occupies the world. There are multiple series to introduce this aspect:

  • Master Ajax Series
  • Get free resources for Web design
  • Provides key features of Web-based applications
  • Crossing Borders: What is the secret of Ruby on Rails?
  • Examine Ajax, Part 1: view the essence through flashy advertisements


For the first time, I noticed that Shrek 3 and spider 3 should be a super villain in the cinema struggle. Among other movies, transformers fall from the sky, and pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean: the end of the world flow out from the bottom of the ocean. The "Treasure mouse" tells us that rats can also cook food. Pakistan is in crisis, California is in fire, astronauts are arrested, prove that even scientists can have the same life as soap opera. When Al Gore gave a speech at the Nobel Prize, I was watching the latest Harry Potter series. In the Web development field, it has developed into a rich mashed-up Internet world:

  • The cranky user: What ever happened to Web engineering?
  • More than 10 files required for each Web site
  • Using DWR to develop Ajax-based file upload portlet
  • Improves Ajax application performance and avoids Web Service Vulnerabilities
  • Optimizes Database Configuration and dependencies for Project Zero and WebSphere sMash applications


When Puddle of Mudd gaoge Psycho was hit, oil prices soared, China suffered an earthquake, a tornado raging in Myanmar, and Hurricane Gustav attacked Texas. Disturbed's "Inside the Fire" shows my childhood memories of the Cold War. The United States elected the first black president. In the dark cinema, we ushered in the Dark Knight of Batman, the crystal skull of the ship, and the general mobilization of robots swept across the planet, kung fu pandatv has taught my daughter how to smash things. In the Web development field, people are interested in mobile desktop styles that are close to the Web:

  • Use jQuery, Part 1: introduce desktop applications into browsers
  • Use PHP to build Ajax-based Web sites
  • Getting started with CodeIgniter
  • Build a simple WYSIWYG Web page editor
  • Create a modular interactive user interface using JavaScript


Back to 2009, the tenth year of developerWorks. I just want to share some articles with you. Every year has brought about an ideological revolution, but many very early principles are still applicable. An article with the highest reading volume in September 2009 was written in 2002. Do you remember what I said in 2005 that I will tell you about the special characteristics of the article? For a long time, the most widely read articles in the Web development zone were Spring articles written in 2005. Compared with the most popular articles in the following year, the click-through rate is doubled. In fact, I have received such a comment about this series: it is better than the Spring project documentation!

This is the beauty of developerWorks. We have so many readers and authors who are passionate about technology. This is the real place for learning. Technical entry documents and design philosophy coexist. As we enter the next decade, the Community provided by My developerWorks will further connect people at various technical levels. We have seen the changes since the beta page of developerWorks 1999, and we will also see in the future that all these concepts will be integrated and bear the fruits of beauty.

I won't miss it.

DeveloperWorks Chinese Editor: Although we are not very familiar with some of the cultural history described by the author in this article, the development of Web over the past decade has really happened around us. The rapid development of Internet technology and Web technology has been evident from the gradual entry of dial-up Internet access into the home network in 2009 to hundreds of millions of broadband users in China, we also hope that you can use this article to review the Web over the past decade. Of course, we also hope that you can create a more exciting next Web decade through our website!

DeveloperWorks China recommendations:

  • JSON Getting Started Guide
  • Comet: server push technology based on HTTP persistent connections
  • Use Flex to develop a Google Map Application
  • Use Nginx to speed up Website access
  • 20 tips for improving webpage speed
  • Connect Google's cloud computing capabilities to Apple's iPhone
  • Java developers
  • Understanding the Dojo Toolkit
  • Jetty
  • Use Amazon Web Services for cloud computing



  • Do you remember 1960 movie time machines (starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux?

  • Use Wayback Machine to find out old materials on the Internet. This tool is part of the Internet Archive Project.
  • Use Rock on the Net archives (from Billboard.com) to find the old song information since 1980.
  • In the Internet Movie Database, you can find information about movies in 1888, including the best movies since 1979.
  • Search for News Year In Review data on CNN.com to find events of a Year.
  • Create your My developerWorks introduction and add the next generation of value creation on developerWorks. Simple, free!
  • Find all content about developerWorks on the developerWorks homepage.
  • DeveloperWorks technical events and network broadcasts: Stay tuned to developerWorks technical events and network broadcasts.
  • DeveloperWorks Web development Area: extends your skills in website development through articles and tutorials dedicated to Web technology.

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Chris Walden has played many roles in his technical career: Customer Service, Field Technicians, system administrators, Web developers, and architects. Now he has joined the editing department of IBM developerWorks. He is still enthusiastic about technology and continues his work on Linux and open-source projects. He uses editing skills to help other enthusiastic people share information with others.

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