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Recently Tencent computer Butler 8.0 New Edition officially released, comprehensive anti-virus protection and security management, not only provide innovative anti-virus services, but also the integration of garbage cleaning, computer acceleration, repair loopholes, software management, computer clinics and other rich computer management functions, but also added a number of new features new features, strengthen anti-virus anti-virus ability, Light NET protects communication safety.

Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 version with a new interface, more concise and clear; system management, Computer physical examination, Toolbox, computer acceleration and other functions more practical and convenient; security, Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 in the original four plus an antivirus engine on the basis of the upgrade Tencent independent research and development of the second-generation anti-virus engine eagle eye, Based on the virtual implementation of CPU technology can eradicate stubborn virus, the cloud platform can be real-time interception of malicious Web sites, more security warning function, to enhance the depth of the killing capacity, while providing more perfect QQ protection and Web site detection and other communication security services.

First, the interface and experience simple and smooth intuitive and convenient

Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 has replaced the new interface, the style is simple and crisp, the classification is clear, quite some Win8 modern style. Feature navigation picks up 7 items from the old version of 9, respectively, "home", "antivirus", "clean Up trash", "Computer acceleration", "fix the loophole", "Software Management", "Computer Clinic", "Login" and "toolbox" small icons are located in the upper right corner of the interface and lower right corner.

Graphic: Tencent computer Butler 8.0 new interface Simple and clear

Left: Login reduced to button to move to the top right figure: Toolbox button move to lower right corner

Illustration: Tencent computer Butler old version of the interface

Second, anti-virus strength

"Eagle Eye" the second generation of professional antivirus engine to improve the overall computer security protection and anti-virus capabilities

Antivirus engine is the core technology of security protection software, Tencent computer Butler 8.0 using Tencent independent research and development of the second generation of professional antivirus engine, while increasing the CPU virtual execution technology, and enhance the Office macro virus killing ability, a comprehensive upgrade of computer security protection and anti-virus.

Note: October 2012, Tencent Computer Butler launched 2-in-1 antivirus version using the "4+1" engine architecture, in the "housekeeper anti-virus engine, Jin Shanyun kill engine, small red umbrella local killing engine, Butler Cloud engine" four verification kills engine on the basis of, enabled the Butler system repair engine, and focus on strengthening the "cloud security" The construction of the platform and the research and development ability of the self research engine.

Illustration: Tencent computer Butler 8.0 second-generation anti-virus engine

In Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 in our familiar "4+1" engine before the housekeeper local killing engine into the "Eagle Head" icon, we click on the Eagle Eye icon to see the text description "Butler second generation anti-virus engine Tencent independent research and development of the second generation of professional antivirus engine, combined with a new generation of machine learning technology, precision antivirus." Butler second generation anti-virus engine "Eagle eye Engine" for the use of machine learning technology, the use of mathematical methods to solve the security problem, improve the processing capacity of a large number of samples, more intelligent. Less resources, faster operation, more lightweight, virus recognition rate and recognition speed are higher. We will see the data in the evaluation in the later part of the article.

Illustration: Tencent computer Butler 8.0 Eagle Eye Anti-virus engine

Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 adopts "CPU Virtual execution Technology", antivirus engine is the next generation of virtualization technology, the technology can be to some extent, to improve the depth of anti-virus capability and efficiency, especially in the user encounter killing not completely difficult to clear the "extremely difficult" virus, stubborn virus to eradicate the user's machine on the "most stubborn virus", The user file is not compromised at the same time.

Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 improved the Office macro virus killing function, to the macro virus to kill, and perfect solution to each version of compatibility issues, more rapid, clean and effective.

Illustration: Tencent Computer Butler 8.0 Block Office macro virus

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