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With the popularization of wireless network technology, nowadays wireless routers have become the preferred wireless equipment for many families and business offices. Now whether it is notebooks, smartphones, tablets have a strong wireless network still, so the practical wireless router to build a wireless network for many families and enterprises of choice, has introduced many of the router set up articles, which mainly targeted at the well-known Tp-link brand wireless router setting method, But the different brand wireless router setting method is different, the following article will be aimed at the more well-known Tengda (Tenda) router, detailed introduction next Tengda wireless router how to set.

Wireless router settings is relatively simple, first of all, we connect the wireless router and computer network equipment connection, the following author first for everyone to share a router equipment between the principle of wiring, I believe that we have a look at the wireless router and wireless devices between the cable should be how to connect.

Wireless router and computer connection diagram

  Step One: Computer connection settings

First, right-click the Network Places icon on your desktop and select Properties from the pop-up menu:

Right-click the Local Area Connection icon in the Open window and select Properties from the pop-up menu:

In the open Local Area Connection Properties dialog box, select Internet Protocol TCP/IP, and then click the Properties button:

You can choose "Automatically obtain IP address" and "Automatically obtain DNS server address", or the manual IP address is also OK:

  Step Two: Router settings

Open the browser, enter the router's default IP address in the address bar, and press ENTER. and enter the correct username and password and click on the "OK" button:

User name and password authentication after passing in Administrator mode Welcome page:

Click on the "Wireless Settings" link on the left, then click on the "Wireless basic settings" link to the right to open the "Wireless basic settings" to enter relevant parameters and then click the "Save" button:

Then click on the left "wireless settings" under the "Wireless Security Settings" link, in the open "Wireless security Settings" interface to set the relevant wireless encryption parameters, we recommend the use of WPA2, set the completion of the click "Save" button:


Select SSID: Select the SSID you want to set, and secure encryption settings for both the primary SSID and the secondary SSID, respectively.

Safe Mode: You can select the appropriate security encryption mode from the list, this router supports MIXEDWEP encryption, wpa-individuals, wpa2-individuals. Generally we recommend the choice of wpa2-individuals can effectively prevent from being rubbed against the network to crack the password.

WPA encryption rules: There are TKIP, AES, Tkip&aes. AES is recommended for use.

Key: Please enter the encrypted string you want to use and the valid characters are ASCII characters. Length of 8 to 63, it is recommended to set more complex, to prevent other people in the vicinity of wireless equipment rub nets, affect their speed of internet, set up, remember to click Save.

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