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Qpl, an open source code license

This includes the following versions of this License for free version 2.0 of QT. This license is known as the Q Public License (or "qpl") and has passed open source code authentication. Therefore, it applies to those who want to develop software in the open source code mode so that the source code of the software can be obtained, modified, and re-released by all users. Qpl prohibits the development of private software. For QT, we provide QT Professional Edition. Visit http://www.troll.no/pricing.html.

You can release your own software according to qpl. We think it is very suitable for anyone who wants to participate in open source code projects and retain the possibility of selling software to non-free commercial software developers for earning a living.

You can modify the governing law section to select a law and/or an authority to give a provision that is more suitable for you and is still called "qpl ". You can delete this section completely, but it is still called "qpl ". If you have made any other changes, you can no longer call your license "qpl.

We strongly recommend that you modify the section "Governing Law" and call it "qpl ". A small license name makes it easier for users to understand the license content.

The following features of "qpl" make it suitable for Qt:

  • Modifications are separated from the original code so that they can be easily integrated into new versions of QT.
  • Modifications can be combined into the new version of QT according to the author's wishes.
  • Binary Code can have the same name as the original code-this is especially important for dynamically connected libraries.
  • Anyone can correct the error-this is especially important for system publishers.
  • The free version of QT can be used to run software written by QT Professional Edition.

Free Software Developed with the free version of QT is also protected by the KDE free QT Foundation.

As long as the qpl requirements are met, you can use the free version of QT for development. Your software can be released under any license that meets the requirements in section 6th.

Thank you: we would like to express our special thanks to CEO ransom love and all other people in Caldera system who helped us in various ways during the preparation of qpl. Their support and feedback play an immeasurable role in turning QT into open source code. We would also like to thank Joseph Carter from the Debian project for his valuable input and Eric Raymond for his help.

See: comments, general text, announcements, and comments.

Q Public License Version 1.0

Copyright (c) 1999 troll tech as, Norway

Anyone can copy and publish this license document

The purpose of this License is to confirm the freedom to share and modify software released in accordance with this license (this license complies with the open source code model.

This license applies to all such software: the software contains a copyright holder stating that the software was issued in accordance with the statement of QPL 1.0. Such software is called "software" here ". This license includes modifications and releases to the software, use of third-party applications based on the software, and development of free software for use.


1. If you agree and are subject to all the conditions in this license, you are entitled to the non-exclusive power granted to you by this license. You can release software in whole or in part, or connect your software in any way permitted by this license.

2. you can copy and release the software that has not been modified, as long as you publish the entire package, including, but not limited to, the copyright, trademark license, and copyright waiver statement of the original software publisher.

3. You can modify the software and release your modifications in the form of independent original Code (for example, patches. Modifications must be subject to the following restrictions:

A. The modification shall not change or delete the copyright statement in any software.

B. when the modifications to the software are published in accordance with this license, as long as the software is modified, the modifications can still be obtained in accordance with these terms (except for any other license used by the original developer, the power to combine your modifications in a new version of the software for free is granted to the original developer of the software non-exclusively.

4. restricted by the following terms, the executable form or the executable form of the modified software can be released:

A. You must publish this license document together.

B. you must ensure that all executable code recipients are free of charge (except the data transfer fee) obtain the complete, machine-readable, and all-modified source code of the released software. The statement is highlighted in the release for explanation.

C. You must ensure that all modifications that apply to this license, including executable forms, can be obtained.

5. You can use the original or modified version of the software for compilation and connection, and can run applications compiled by you or others legally.

6. You can develop applications, reusable software components, and any other software projects connected to the original or modified software. These software projects should meet the following requirements during release:

A. you must ensure that the winners of executable code for all these items are not charged (except for the data transfer fee) obtain and use the complete, machine-readable source code of these projects.

B. You must explicitly permit all winners of your project to use and release the original software version or modify the version in the form of executable code or source code.

C. If the project cannot be obtained by the public, you must provide a copy of the project if the original software developer requests it.

Limitations on obligations

Under no circumstances shall the original developer or copyright holder of the software, including-but not limited to-loss of income or profit or other indirect, special, accidental, and inevitable losses, and the losses are responsible. Unless, as an extension of the fixed law, this possibility is no exception even if the original and copyright developers mention it.

No warranty

The software and this license document do not provide any type of warranty, including warranty regarding design, merchantability, and intended use.

Governing Law

This license complies with Norwegian law. Disputes regarding it are ruled by the osland City Court.

The following is not a legal document. To precisely interpret a license, you must read and understand it. Its sole purpose is to interpret licenses in an easy-to-understand and informal manner.

Q Public License version 1.0 comments, applicable to QT free version 2.0

Copyright (c) 1999 troll tech as, Norway

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