Test the performance characteristics of a Wireless Broadband Router

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A Wireless Broadband Router is one of the most commonly used routers. So I studied the performance characteristics of the Wireless Broadband Router. I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you. Our performance tests aim to present common topologies used by home and SOHO enterprise users. This includes connecting to the Internet with the network card, WPA encryption, Super G and other rate expansion modes through the WAN port, and connecting multiple clients to the wireless network at the same time under the 802.11g condition.

During the test, we used IXIA's Application Layer Testing Software IxChariot 6.0, its throughput testing script, and the TCP protocol to simulate File Download behavior and adjust the file size to 5 MB. Each test lasts for 5 minutes, and the average value is obtained for three tests. In the communication pair (pair) defined in IxChariot, a TB port (actually a high-performance Linux host) of IXIA is used to simulate an endpoint and act as another endpoint through a wireless laptop.

1. Connect to the client

As shown in figure 7, the notebook uses a 802.11 GB network and a Wireless Broadband Router to form an intranet through wireless networks. The three-tier switch and IXIA 1600T simulate the Internet. A Wireless Broadband Router is connected to a layer-3 Switch through a 10-Gigabit Ethernet port and uses a fixed IP Address Allocation Method. Because NAT is enabled automatically to conceal the Intranet IP host, the file transfer direction in the test is from the notebook to 1600 TB.

2. Vendor Nic access

Disable the chindejine Nic of the notebook, insert the manufacturer's PCMCIA wireless Nic, and enable the fast-moving mode based on 802.11g. Repeat the 1 test, and the other test conditions remain unchanged.

3. WPA Encryption

Wpa psk is used on the Wireless Broadband Router and Nic for encryption. Repeat the 2 test. Except for the test distance of 2 meters, other test conditions remain unchanged. The wpa psk method is selected because WEP encryption is easier to crack and is not recommended. Second, the wpa radius method is not suitable for home users.

4. Local speed Exhibition

The laptop is connected to a TB wireless network card through a layer-3 switch. The communication between the notebook and 1600T is in the same network segment. Enable the 802.11g speed Extension function on the vro802.11and Nic to test the TCP throughput from the 10-Gigabit LAN port of the Broadband Router to the wireless client.

5. Multi-Point Access

Five laptops with 802.11 Gbit/s are used as wireless access points to communicate with the IXIA 1600T analog Endpoint, and IXIA 1600T is connected to the Gbit/s wired port of the Wireless Broadband Router. Test each pair and the overall TCP throughput. The distance between the five laptops and the Wireless Broadband Router is fixed and ranges from 2 meters to 10 meters. Like Test 4, the communication pairs composed of the notebook and the 1600T are in the same network segment.

Attack Test

A port of TB in IXIA serves as the DoS attack source. It uses the software IxExplorer to launch a SYN_Flood attack on the management address of the wireless router. The attack bandwidth is 10 Mbps. Check the impact on the Wireless Broadband Router at this time and whether the device can be managed. If yes, test the forwarding performance for 5 minutes. The notebook is connected to a Wireless Broadband Router with a pair of two meters away and is in the same CIDR block as the 1600T simulated host.

Function verification

Use Cisco ESR 10000 to simulate the real environment, verify functions such as PPPoE, and evaluate the functions of the Wireless Broadband Router, such as UPnP, access control, priority division, traffic statistics, and diagnostic tools.

Through tests, more than half of the products show their own expertise in different fields. D-Link, Cisco Linksys, and Buffalo have good performance in terms of performance and functionality. In our comprehensive evaluation, performance accounts for 60%, functionality accounts for 30%, and price accounts for 10%. Currently, users in the market can basically be divided into two types: private network card access and China's. Currently, China's version of the Chinese version only supports 802.11b/g and does not support many express functions based on the current version of the 11g, therefore, it can be said that the highest performance of the Wireless Broadband Router can be exploited to have a strong dependence on the client type. Therefore, in the Performance Evaluation Section, we scored the Wireless Broadband Router Based on different client access methods, and produced two winners: the VPC and the central-central-1.

In the end, the D-LINK DI-624 gets the highest rating of the proprietary Group with its outstanding performance, Premier security and rich features, used with the DWL-G650, it is a very cost-effective product. Cisco Linksys WRT54GS has won the first place in the Chinese team by virtue of its best support, convenient and secure deployment, and comprehensive features including QoS. Stable performance is an excellent partner for Chinese users. These two products have won the online world evaluation lab editing selection award.

D-Link DI-624 is a cost-effective product, not only because it works with the DWL-G650 to stably run out of the best results of 50 Mbps, the current Super G product performance to the extreme. In addition, it automatically identifies and defends against DoS attacks in a distinctive way. Even if the attack packets make network interface indicators flash wildly, it can still ensure the normal communication of other users. It also has rare and practical features, including static DHCP, VPN traversal, distance expansion, WMM of wireless QoS, and WPA2, some of these items are not available in most similar products. Its quotation is quite attractive compared with its high quality.

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