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In the PPP project, we used PVCs tracker in our group to track bugs. It seems that the project team really needs such a system. Although PVCs has strong functions, it is not free first, and it is also relatively large, small projects such as the demonstration center are not flexible enough. So I installed mantis, a very small bug tracking tool.

Mantis is an open-source software written in PHP (Bugzilla is also open-source and written in Perl, but it is difficult to install it in windows, so it is not considered for the time being ). The steps for installing Mantis are simple. The following is a summary of the installation process in Win2000/XP:

1. If IIS is installed on the machine, make sure it has been started. If you want to use Apache, download Apache Windows installation from httpd.apache.org.ProgramI am using version 1.3, and the installation is completed by directly running this program.

2. Download the PHP Windows Installer from www.php.net. I use version 4.3.8 and run the Downloaded Program directly. When I use IIS, the installer automatically sets IIS, but when I use Apache without IIS, even if the correct server type is selected during installation, an error occurs automatically. However, manual setting is also very simple. You only need to add the following section to httpd. conf In the conf directory under the Apache installation directory:

ScriptAlias/PHP/"C:/PHP /"Addtype Application/X-httpd-PHP. phpaction Application/X-httpd-PHP "/PHP/php.exe"

In this way, you can. However, according to the PHP installation instructions, this method is very dangerous. I am not familiar with PHP and cannot tell where the danger is. It may be easy to bring some security vulnerabilities to Web servers.

3. download version 0.8.3 of mantis from www.mantisbt.org (it was written as 1.8.3 by mistake. Thank you, wfifi for pointing out. Mantis currently has version 1.0.0rc), which is only a few hundred kb. If it is IIS, decompress mantis to inetpub (I cannot solve it at the beginning under c: \, which may be due to permission issues), and add a virtual path pointing to the Mantis directory; for Apache, decompress mantis to the installation directory of Apache and. change the main directory to this directory in conf or add an alias directory, but the permission must be set to run properly. For convenience, you can add index. php to the Web server as the default file name.

4. Download MySQL from www.mysql.net. I use version 4.0. Create an account for Mantis in MySQL and create a database named bugtracker. This is the default name in the Mantis Configuration file. There is a db_generate. SQL file in the SQL directory under the Mantis installation path, the table creation statement is used to execute the statement.

5. Change the name of config_inc.php.sample under the Mantis installation path to config_inc.php, and open and modify the content. It mainly refers to the information connected to the database, such as the database name and user name. I added the following two sentences at the end:

$ G_default_language = 'Chinese _ simplified'; $ G_enable_email_notification= Off;

In this way, the default Interface is in simplified Chinese and no email notification is sent. I have not tried to configure PHP for sending emails. It seems very troublesome, So I simply disabled PHP. Replace the. h file (except-> delete.

6. At last, restart the Web server and you will be able to access it. The address is http: // localhost/Mantis. As recommended by mantis, create at least one administrator-level user, delete the Admin directory, and delete the administrator account.

Our project is not complex and has few members. Therefore, we can install and use mantis without any concern about the security, report, and email configurations. We will try again when necessary.

Update (): I checked the Mantis website again today. This bug tracking system has improved a lot and added a mobile client. I will continue to use it next time I have the opportunity.

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