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Most people in computer enthusiasts or office workers are in touch with the Internet almost every day, and surfing the internet has become one of the most important parts of everyday life. But a lot of people on the bandwidth, speed of the concept is still very vague, others said to you pull the 4m broadband, pull after the ignore. Sometimes their speed is slow to open the Web page is difficult, do not know how to deal with. You can learn the concept of bandwidth and speed through this article, and know how to test your bandwidth and compute your own speed.

The concept of bandwidth speed

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber line, asymmetric digital subscriber loop) is a new way of data transmission. It is called an asymmetric digital subscriber line loop because of asymmetric uplink and downlink bandwidth. It uses frequency division multiplexing technology to divide the ordinary telephone line into the telephone, uplink and downlink three relatively independent channels, so as to avoid interference between each other. Even if you are on the phone while surfing the internet, the speed of the Internet and the quality of the call will not occur. Usually ADSL can provide up to 3.5Mbps uplink speed and up to 24Mbps downlink speed without affecting normal telephone communication.

The concept of bandwidth, it refers to the data transmission rate, such as memory bandwidth, bus bandwidth, network bandwidth, etc., are in "bytes/sec" as the unit. We don't know since when. The concept of the data transmission rate is called network "bandwidth", but as the industry and the public accept this, the concept of bandwidth representing the data transmission rate is very popular.

What is the 4m speed?

Often see someone reflected, bandwidth from 512k to 1m, but the speed is not imagined so fast, test results only 100KBps, what is going on? In fact, there is a misunderstanding.

1m ADSL maximum speed is 1024Kbps, but ADSL download rate does not reach the nominal "1024". See this rate is very convenient, such as through ADSL access to the network, download the screen will appear on a download rate indicator, the above will show the download rate, this rate is generally 100kbytes/s around, from the number, and the user application of the "1024" is far from the difference. What the hell is going on?

In fact, this "1024" and 100kbytes/s units are different, in fact, there is little difference. The full name of 1024Kbps should be 1024kbits/s, that is, the unit is bit, and the 100KBYTES/S unit is byte, one byte equals 8 bits, so, 1024kbits/s=128kbytes/s.

Through this conversion, 1024Kbps in the ideal state of the speed is 128KB, if reached 80% or 100KB of speed, are normal. Therefore, 4m speed is 1024x4=4096kbps, equal to 4096/8=512KB. If you use Thunder download, you can see about 512KB download rate, but some of the speed of the Web site is about 4096Kbps results, they are in fact the same, only a few units are different.

How to test speed

6Mb speed theory Download maximum value of 750kb/s,700kb/s above even normal. There is always a difference between theory and practice. It takes about 10 seconds to download a 5M MP3.

CF delay can not be based on your bandwidth and depending on, if you are the telecommunications play Netcom will card, Netcom play Telecom will card, dual-line netcom bandwidth less play telecom card. There is a possibility is not the cell bandwidth is 6M ah? Everybody together 6M?

You can also go to the speed test site to test your speed, such as card speed network.

Use the Speed test Web site for Speed test, is the most commonly used network speed test method, because this method is simple, convenient, do not need to download software to install, input a Web site can speed.

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