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Thanksgiving Day _ Classic mobile phone message _30 Bar, convenient for everyone, appropriate to friends, relatives and colleagues and so on anyone. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. ;

Thanksgiving is when I tell you that I love you.

Children, at this time of Thanksgiving, we say: we all love you.

I will not say anything, just want to tell you that I will help others.

Kindness, bear in mind.

Let me how to thank you, when I came to you, I would like to harvest a wisp of Spring breeze, you gave me the whole spring.

Dripping of the tu, I'll be the spring phase of the report.

Adversity is the truth, thank you for helping me through!

Thank you more than words, in short, you are my lifelong confidant friend!

Between heaven and earth there is a thing called snow, from the sky, landing and the earth; there is a kind of thing called love, since the birth of attraction, sublimation in harmony; one of your friends is you, who knows by chance, and ends in eternity. Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to be a migratory bird, on the way to fly with you, I would like to be an eagle, on the way to the climb to encourage you, I would like to be a turkey, Thanksgiving by you taste! Oh, such a friend enough loyal to it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank God let me meet you, thank fate let me like you, thank the time let me think you. Dear you, can you know all this? Our love touched the world, I also with a sincere heart to send you to Thanksgiving blessing

Thank you in this beautiful autumn night you gave me beautiful feelings, let me think up can feel the cool wind like a soft hand gently brushed the face, blowing the neck, distant yearning, wish my Thanksgiving happy!

Time is our love, the Post office is our matchmaker, the mobile phone is our medium Niang, the future is our red carpet, I thank them for bringing you to my side, my heart because of you, and this Thanksgiving is particularly satisfied!

Thanks to the years let a friendship ship, let us find the desire to sail, your friendship is not a flower, is green branches, after the winter always have a new leaf, I will be full of warm heart to protect it! I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

In the vast sea of humanity, the most is your smile moment gentle, like the river Willow hanging shy, let me dust-laden heart blooming! Thank God for letting me meet you, I send you Thanksgiving with a heart of Thanksgiving

You are the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen, let my forest wither for you, you like a melody to make my life more harmonious, I can only use a small voice to say thanks, small to only you can understand! Happy Thanksgiving!

To help my friends and friends I love to say thank you, thank you for entering my life, let my life rich and beautiful, I would like to have the time I have, to bring you unlimited happiness, I wish a happy Thanksgiving!

Until one day, when I found that we have been gradually old, I realized that the most precious thing in the world is friendship between friends! Friends, thank you for your life on the road, I wish a happy Thanksgiving!

Your bright smile long stay in my heart, your cordial words always with me, your enthusiasm inspire me to move forward, your sincere help to warm my heart, in this Thanksgiving coming, sincerely say to you: Thank you ...

Americans thank God for Thanksgiving and give them plenty of food. I also want to thank God, because you accompany, let me have plenty of clothing, grow fat, that--please join me for Thanksgiving

Every sunny day, will let me be thankful! In this Thanksgiving, sincerely thank you, so that I can with a strong will and unnecessary spirit, against the heat of the cold, rain and lightning, and not feel tired and lonely

Today is Thanksgiving! Although I do not believe in Christ, but I agree with Thanksgiving, really thank God let us know, I hope we become a lifelong good friend! Bless you and me, dear friend, to spend this happy holiday together.

With sincere business love, with persistent pursuit of the cause, with kindness to treat friends, with the insipid treatment of hardships, with pious pray for happiness, with Thanksgiving return to the world, heart with Love to go, love with the wish, Happy Thanksgiving!

Once the strange does not represent the eternal, inadvertently, a sense of the tacit understanding of the continuation of your friendship, lonely journey, you can receive the earnest care and sincere blessing, I am glad: the red dust in your peers! Happy Thanksgiving

People are always easy in the vexed and insipid life become numb, thank you for your Thanksgiving message, let me know in the distance there are people silently concerned about, but also taught me to the heart of thanksgiving to treat life!

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