The 24 most famous photos in the world

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The 24 most famous photos in the world

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First frame: "People" and "face" are intertwined

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Second frame: the horizontal line is parallel.

Third: the mysterious lips behind the nanny

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Fourth: Love
Is the funeral of marriage true?

Fifth Frame: Skewed houses

Figure 6: rotate the entire image 90 degrees and you will find the mysteries.
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7. A pair of women: In this unaltered photo, which kind of body does Mrs. Bird Johnson's head belong?

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Figure 8: Coffee illusion: Does the Square in the center look prominent? Check with a ruler. Akiyoshi, Japanese artist and visual scientist
Kitaoka creates this new illusion, which is called the cafe illusion.


9. What is this? Can you understand this strange picture? The photo has not been changed.

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Picture 10: The Phantom kiss of a kiss from the United States
Artist song Donne

11th: Crazy nut: Do you know how straight steel bars magically pass through these two seemingly right-angle nut holes? Hdzone % BK/C (l3x
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12th: the sad winter tunes of freandes: The freands' artist Joseph demy captured this incredible winter scene. Imagine how the pillar on the left is on the front?

13th: Eschel's impossible box

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14th: Is the column circle or square?

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15th images: Where are lions?

16th pictures: It is said that there are one hundred and eighty IQ people who can see nine faces

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17th pictures: the revolutionary's profile picture (this picture is as instructed. If the effect is not obvious, please blink a few times)
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18th pictures: that woman
Is it true or in a puzzle?

19th images: please focus on the black spot in the middle. What did you find?

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20th images: 12 or 13 people?, E

21st images: How many black spots?

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22nd images: The body moves before and after watching the black spot

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23rd images: static or moving?

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24th images: do not believe you are not dizzy (this picture should be very common)
Hdzone, L + IO. AB

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