The application of plane composition: "Point, line and surface" in web design

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  What kind of web design can be called excellent?

Presumably a lot of people have the same questions as me. I personally think that the so-called excellent web design is a reasonable function layout, pleasing color (picture) with the design idea of the web design. This includes typesetting layout, color matching, material selection and so on many aspects ... When we re-examine the differences between ourselves and other people's work, we often find that the same color (picture, layout) will have different effects. Why is that? What is the area size of the color area? What is the use of the picture? In fact, these are the content that I want to discuss with you today--the "point, line and face" in web design--the application of the plane composition in web design.

  Dot, line, plane? Plane composition? Web design?

First of all, we have to be clear: the basis of a web work is not the ideal material, nor those gorgeous colors, but the basic geometry.

Geometry is actually "face", "face" is based on "line", "line" is the basis of "point."

So how does "dot, line and face" participate in our design? Let's look at the following example.

In the above picture, the designer puts the title and the character vertical arrangement form a "line", below the navigation and the logo horizontal arrangement also formed a "line", both form a inverted "T" zigzag. The layout design of "World View" and "game Camp" just formed two points. The combination of the three is a perfect triangular shape, and in the composition of the picture is the most stable triangular composition, with a quiet night sky, flying fireflies, with visual impact of the moon and perspective, appropriate to convey a quiet and beautiful information.

From the above figure, it is not difficult to see that "point, line, plane" in the design behavior of the form of expression has not only the traditional sense of the form. A logo, a button, a banner can be their representational performance. This requires us to abstract the image in the beginning of design--the process of deconstruction--using the most basic elements of composition to form the beauty of the law (Formal beauty law contains symmetry, balance, contrast, harmony, reconciliation, rhythm/rhyme, unity, seven laws) to layout. After acquiring the ideal layout form, the abstract elements are visualized--the process of refactoring--to make the elements more sophisticated and visually compelling by design.

  The first part: The cognition of "point"

In the plane composition, the point as the most basic constituent element exists. The form of the point consists of irregular and free arrangement, which is arranged according to a certain law, regardless of how the arrangement is to be carried out according to the law of formal beauty.

In the actual web design, the point is relative, any relatively small area of the page can be seen as a point. These elements can be either in the page alone or combined into lines or faces.

Their existence not only makes our page layout appear reasonable and comfortable, but also makes the page smart and powerful impact.

The above examples of pages are more than the content requirements of the entrance, the designers using a lattice-style arrangement to be reconstructed. That is to meet the needs of the page function at the same time enhance the interest and impact of the page.

The page design process midpoint is not rigidly adhere to the form, but what kind of point is reasonable? What sort of arrangement is orderly? The answer to the question will be explained to you in concrete cases.

  Symmetry arrangement (symmetry of formal beauty law)

Symmetry: In the form of folded in the method, basically can overlap the graph called symmetry. They are equal contour configuration relations, the most easy to be unified, is a good sense of stability is the most basic form.

After looking through the material provided, the designer unifies this topic to transmit the information, decided in order to embody the leading token's historical sense and the mystery, uses the cave type scene, but has the elephant cave image not to be advantageous to the main body and the special effects performance, wants to be possible to reflect in the side stone wall we want content and the effect. With the design form and the overall layout, the rest of the work is to put the abstract geometry into the process of the words-the beginning of the journey of reconstruction.

Don't dwell on it here.

The designer's finished manuscript fully embodies the idea of the layout at the beginning of the design.

  The following is the application of several symmetrical permutations in the actual design process.

Symmetrical arrangement relative steady conservative, when the demand is a thick and steady page, it is a relatively good choice.

  Equilibrium arrangement (balance of formal beauty law)

Balance: The weights on both ends of the weighing apparatus are supported by a fulcrum, and the two sides obtain the balance state of mechanics.

The balance arrangement differs from the symmetrical arrangement in the form of the material used, the Da Hio species may not be identical, but the position of the display will make the whole picture appear balanced and stable with beauty.

  Free arrangement (rhythm/rhyme of formal beauty law)

Rhythm/Rhyme: Rhythm and Rhyme is the language of time art, in music refers to the sound of music, the length of the Beat, rhythm and speed according to a certain regularity appear, produce different rhythms. The movement sensation produced by repetition of the same image in a certain metrical form in composition. Rhythm must be a regular repetition, continuous, rhythm easy monotonous, after the change of rhythm to produce rhyme.

The designer combines the style of several pages before this station, uses the same material stone to do the reconstruction design. The middle of the stone is the largest, about the small, forming a small size of the rhythm, both highlighted the want to show the content of the page rich similar to the rhythm of the music.

The advantage of the free arrangement is that it is able to move the page law well and give the person a lively and dynamic visual effect. Therefore, generally used more in the performance of speed, cheerful theme.

The use of the "alt=" plane of the
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