The armored Steel Fist in Network advertisement: A brief talk on the design of form advertisement

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In the tide of the Internet, advertising is essential, is one of the best way to change, is a lot of companies rely on the source of survival. In this era of popular online advertising, from simple graphics and text ads to a variety of eye-catching creative advertising, a variety of novel online advertising has been everywhere, the original text chain ads, image ads, and then to flash ads, and then to rich media advertising, a variety of creative advertising constantly attract us, impress us, Let's click.

So let's take a look at some of the more specific types of ads-form ads (pictured below). Mentions the form, everybody thought more is registers the registration and so on, thought the information fills in submits. Then I hope that you read this article, you can have a certain understanding of the form of advertising.

Form advertising from the main point of view, can meet the advertisers for the brand, product exposure appeal, from the user point of view, but also with the user to carry out certain interaction, to ensure good user experience, at the same time with the specificity of creative advertising. In attracting users and watching, are not inferior to the general flash creative advertising, rich media ads.

What is the value of a form-style ad to advertisers? What is the benefit to the user?

How do you design a good form ad? Optimize the effectiveness of form ads and extract useful data?

Let's find out with the questions:

Ultra-high cost performance, incomparable advertising effect:

For advertisers, can meet some specific industry advertisers for the main content of the official website information, to expand more new customers, such as insurance, car test drive, education and training and other advertisers. For cost-effective and ROI, and cost, the delivery cycle, and so on, the form of advertising in a number of advertising products have a place. (as shown below) through the third party experimental data can be seen, form-type advertising conversion rate is twice times the average advertising, CTR is almost a common advertisement, spend less money, investment return is even greater.

Attract the attention of the good ads to meet the user's potential needs:

Read the text ads for a long time users, for the form of advertising, can definitely arouse their attention. On the one hand, it can enhance the participation between the user and the advertisement, on the other hand, can satisfy the user to receive the advertisement main personalized service, satisfies their consumer demand, does not need to enter the cumbersome complex official website to look for the content, but will the content effectively streamline provides to the user, faster satisfies the user (pictured below)

So, what do you need to pay attention to when designing a form Web ad? Just use a few tricks to simply explain:

Think about your copy, change your position:

First of all, we hope to be able to carefully reflect the text of the ad, another perspective, if you are the user, you can be ads in the copy moved? We try to "content" of the ads into the user is interested in, easy to resonate, then we have to do a good advertising 1/3 success.

For example: The "Ping An insurance online insurance 15%" into the "auto insurance calculator" to the concept of a tool to attract users, it looks less like "advertising", the ultimate advertising effect greatly improved.

For example, the following figure: To simplify the redundant copy, highlighting the main content of the appeal, concise and easy to read.

To design a good banner ad

We can refer to our previous blog "banner Advertising design 8 skills", Master design a good advertising interface skills.

Decision content, controlling the number of forms:

Then, the elements in the advertising element, in the ad material, which elements are embodied, which forms will be displayed? What are the content options for the form? Ensure that the number of forms is between 2-8 items as much as possible. Because too many forms fill in, will cause the user fills in the threshold, the experiment proved that when the form option is too many, due to the material space limitation, the reading efficiency and the readability will greatly reduce. (pictured below)

First easy after difficult, effectively reduce the loss rate:

Understand the interactions between forms and forms, the properties of the form, the Drop-down selection menu, the Text field, the Radio, check box, the interaction between the buttons, and the rules. The order of arrangement should be arranged according to the order in which the user fills in the first easy and difficult sequence. After research and testing, this will reduce the user's loss rate and increase the number of valid users submitted. (pictured below)

Reasonable layout, improve the experience:

In typesetting layout, we should emphasize legibility and good user experience feeling. Note the use of font size, color, form area size, line spacing, column spacing, and so on. Because the material size is limited, so more reasonable layout, is to enhance the user experience most important. (pictured below)

Give the user more choices:

We also need to pay attention to interactive prompts and the successful submission of the interactive way, in the hint copy, must be concise, do not overly verbose prompts the user to encounter problems. When the user clicks on the success, it is better to let the user choose more and learn more about the content. (pictured below)

Impact assessment and user experience improvement. Measuring the effectiveness of form ads is not only quantified from Ctr, lists and ROI, but we can also consider and further optimize them from the following data points:

The completion rate of the form filling;

Discard the options and locations for filling out forms;

The order in which people fill out the form;

Which form elements are often used;

What data has been entered into the form;

The length of time to complete all forms;

The rating of user satisfaction degree;

Learn about browser and operating system information;

Hope that the above introduction and skills, to understand the form of advertising and the design of the future has a certain role in helping. Let the form of advertising become the internet era of armored steel boxing.

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