The art of Computer Programming + Volume 2nd: Half-value Algorithm (third edition) PDF

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This book is the latest edition of the 2nd volume of the 7 volume of computer programming art, which is widely concerned by domestic and foreign industry. This volume gives a comprehensive introduction to the field of half-value algorithms, divided into two chapters, "Random number" and "arithmetic". This volume summarizes the main algorithm examples and the basic theory of these algorithms, extensive analysis of computer programming and numerical analysis of the interrelationship between, especially noteworthy is the author of the random number generation process and the calculation of the form power series of the discussion. This book is accompanied by a large number of exercises and answers, indicating the ease of use and mathematical concepts. The content of this book is incisive, fluent and fascinating, which can be used for reference, research and reference of staff in computer science, computational Mathematics and computing technology, and is also the ideal teaching material and reference book for relevant professional colleges and universities.
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The art of Computer Programming + Volume 2nd: Half-value Algorithm (third edition) PDF

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