The basic making technique of PS halftone pattern

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1. New document, set: Background white or transparent, wide high 640x480.

2. Create a new layer. Select the Brush tool, set the brush size 150px, hardness 100%, and point a black circle on the new layer.

You can also use the Elliptical marquee tool, hold down SHIFT while you create a new layer, pull a round selection on the canvas, Alt+del fill black, and make a black dot.

3. Hold down the CTRL key, click on the thumbnail of the new layer, ctrl+shift+i or select-Reverse, so all areas outside the dot are selected.

Creates a new layer.

4. Press Q to enter the quick mask, the dots will become red. Filter-pixel-color halftone, set parameters as follows:

5. Fill pattern: Quick Health shift+f5 or edit-fill, fill foreground color, OK. Delete or hide the dot layer.

The following are different settings to make a halftone pattern with different effects.

The hardness of the brush

The less the hardness of the brush is set, the smaller the dots in the halftone pattern are scattered and farther away from the center.

Below are the effects of the brush hardness set to 100%, 50%, and 0%, respectively:

If you use the Elliptical Marquee tool, you can make a circle by adjusting the feather values in the Tools Options bar. The feather value is zero, the created circle is a hard side solid circle, and as the feather value increases, the edge of the dot becomes blurred.

setting of maximum radius value in color halftone filter

The smaller the value of the radius, the smaller the dots in the halftone pattern, the more. The following figure shows a halftone pattern that is 100 pixels in size and a hardness of 50% for a brush with a maximum radius of 20 pixels, 12 pixels, and 5 pixels, respectively.

Let's play some tricks.

Half-tone pattern of hollowing:

Make a good halftone pattern, press CTRL, the mouse click on the halftone pattern layer, the pattern around the ant line. Select the Marquee tool, hold down the SHIFT key, and drag the ant line in any direction, so that the line is dragged until the dot with the ant line moves to the center of the pattern, or other appropriate position. Press del key, press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection, the new halftone pattern appears.

Drag to a different position, and the pattern is different.

To use the gradient tool:

Using the gradient tool to make a halftone pattern is also cool, this is very useful in the production of Web pages, you can make the Web page to show different effects, more attractive.

Creates a new file. Creates a new layer. Select the Gradient tool, choose a gradient from foreground to transparent, select the symmetric gradient (reflected gradient), and the following figure:

Pull the gradient pattern from the top of the canvas to the center of the canvas. Hold down the CTRL key and click the gradient layer to ctrl+shift+i the selection. Create a new layer and press Q to enter the quick mask. Filter-pixel-color halftone, set parameters, OK. Press the Q key to exit the quick mask. Ctrl+shift+i, Shift+f5 fills the foreground color (or any color). Hide or remove the following gradient layer, the halftone pattern is made as follows:

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