The beauty Mito makes the cartoon effect tour list

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To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the production of the cartoon effect of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
First, let's take a look at the contrast diagram:

Beauty Mito Cartoon effect making first step,
Under the "Beauty Mito" software open to deal with a character photo, under the "Landscaping" menu, choose the transparency of 100% "base-sharpening" special effects, easy to improve clarity, for the late pencil draw line feeling to prepare.

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the second step,
Then choose the transparency of 65% "art-Sketch" special effects and 35% "crayon" special effects, sketch image of the texture has been slightly.

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the third step,
Then choose the transparency of 50% of the "base-sharpening" effect, and then choose 100% "Smart paint" special effects, easy to increase line sense and color degree.

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the fourth step,
Then choose the transparency of 70% "portrait-Natural Beauty" effect, soft color.

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the fifth step,
Into the "Beauty" menu click on the "skin-whole grinding" button, select "Smart Skin-deep."

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the sixth step,
Click on the "Mascara" button, adjust the brush size and intensity, and then on the figure's eyebrows and eyes smear, add thick black eyebrows and eye parts of the line, so that the eyes become the visual focus of the whole picture.

The beauty Mito cartoon effect makes the seventh step,
Finally go to the "Border" menu, click on the "Texture border" button, select such as the drawing texture border, and then choose dark brown and adjust the transparency of 50%, done!

Well, the above information is a small series for the United States Mito This software users bring the detailed production of cartoon effects of the tutorial to analyze the full content of sharing, you see the users here, small knitting believe that you are now very clear the method of production, the real person to change cartoon comic effect is very good oh, Let's go and try the effect.

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