The buying pattern of the stock MACD indicator

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the dif and DEA two lines in the MACD indicator, according to the position of the Gold fork on the 0 axis, the place of the bottom, and whether there is a dead fork before the Gold Fork, the position of the dead fork, there are eight kinds of morphological patterns.
They are: bergamot upward, duckling water, stroll Tsing Yun, Swan Wings, aerial cable, aerial cable car, submarine cable and plucking.
These are now depicted as follows:

① form one of bergamot upward

See, DIF and DEA Gold fork, with the upside of the stock price upward, and then, with the stock price of the pullback down, when the main washing plate, the stock price callback, and the DIF line back to the MACD line, the DIF line reverse direction, the formation of the bergamot upward form. (Note: The MACD parameter is 12, 26, 27)

② form of two ducklings

DIF after the 0-axis Gold fork DEA line, and did not wear 0 axis or wear a little on the back to the 0 axis, and then down to the fork DEA, a few days later again the Gold Fork DEA line, the pattern for the stock price in the bottom of the fall, the end of the parabolic when the end of the pattern, should be understood as bottoming out the

Three walks of ③ form

A stroll is referred to the DIF line above the 0-axis dead fork DEA line, under the 0-axis, and then on the 0-axis or 0-axis of the Gold fork DEA line, the form is the stock price in the bottom of the rebound on the way to do consolidation, there are some building the bottom of the form, the potential to attack, should be understood as

Four Swan wings of ④ form

Swan wings refers to the diff in the 0-axis of the Gold fork DEA line, then did not wear 0 axis on the callback, to the DEA closer, the MACD red column shortened, but no dead fork DEA again reverse steering, while with the MACD red column longer, then form the Swan wings form. The formation of the form is mostly the bottom shape, is the stock price in the fall after the bottom, the end of the timing, should be understood as the main open area, can intervene.

Five aerial cables of the ⑤ form

The aerial cable refers to the MACD indicator in the diff before the 0-axis Gold fork DEA line, followed by the 0 axis for a period of time, and then with the stock price callback, diff also began to back down, when the diff was transferred to the DEA line, the two lines bonded into a line, when they again separate the long distribution, Forming a buying opportunity, the new rally begins. This form of the appearance of more for the upper file and the main washing plate, the stock price in the rise on the way to do a short consolidation, the appearance of a strong attack form, should be understood as active intervention signals, decisive buy!

Six aerial ropeways of the ⑥ form

Ropeway mainly refers to the diff line on the 0 axis of the dead fork on the DEA line, but not to wear 0 axes, over a few days that is again in the 0 axis above the Gold fork DEA. The appearance of the form of more than the upper file consolidation, the main washing disk, the stock price for a short period of adjustment, showing a strong upward momentum, can be understood as a positive intervention signals, can be decisive buy, such as the continuous volume can be determined to see more.

Seven submarine cables of ⑦ form

Submarine cable refers to the MACD indicator running for a long time (one months or more) below the 0 axis, after the diff line Gold Fork DEA line (0 axes below the Gold fork), the two lines are not strong rise, but with the DEA line bonded into a straight line, the value is almost equal. Once the two lines start to diverge, you can buy. 0 axis below the formation of submarine cable form, most of the stock price in the bottom after the fall, the end of the plate after the appearance of the base, then the main intervention, into the pressure bottom suction caused, should be understood as timing market.

Eight plucking of ⑧ morphology

Plucking refers to the diff in the 0-axis produced two times the Gold fork, indicating that the unit hit the bottom finish, start out the bottom, you can timing intervene!

Note the MACD indicator description:
The MACD exponential smoothing and similarity moving averages are two long, short smoothed averages.
Its trading principles are:
1.DIFF, Dea are positive, DIFF upward breakthrough dea, buy signal.
2.DIFF, DEA are negative, DIFF downward below the DEA, sell signal.
3.DEA line and Candlestick divergence, the market reversal signal.
4. Analysis of MACD-histogram, from red to green (positive to negative), sell signal, from green to red, buy signal.

The DIF and MACD, DIF, and DEA two lines, according to their Gold fork on the 0 axis, the position, and the Gold Fork before the Death Fork, the dead fork occurred in the position, while pushing the performance of the above eight types. corresponding to different candlestick patterns in the EMA system in different stages or different positions.
These MACD of dif and MACD, DIF and DEA two lines of the meaning of the form, I think, far less than the study of the candlestick pattern itself (shape, width, height), the candlestick pattern in the different moving averages system (different moving averages in the mezzanine, outer, upper and lower) of the significance of importance.
These golden forks of MACD Help to detect the beginning of a certain candlestick pattern in time. The information provided by the EMA system in this form can help the operator decide whether to intervene and where to intervene. And if the combination of gold and static, dynamic chips, you can calculate or foresee the expected goals and resistance, to be prepared to come, without suffering.

The buying pattern of the stock MACD indicator

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