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Today's computer is close to full popularity of the degree, it gives people in the work and learning to provide a great convenience, however, the computer's "panic" for ordinary computer users, but become a solution is not open, earn not off the trouble. When the computer is turned on, or when the operating system is started, or when some applications are being used, or when you are about to exit the operating system, the "Crash" of the "beast" is likely to come head-on at any moment. So, how to do to avoid the computer "crash" trouble? Below, the author is based on the cause of "panic" and prevention of the method is divided into several points for everyone to introduce, I hope the following article can give some help to meet friends of such problems.

One, causes the computer "freezes" the reason:

"Panic" caused by improper setting of the

each hardware has its own default or specific working environment, can not go beyond its work permissions to set, otherwise it will be because the hardware does not reach this requirement and panic. For example: A memory bar can only support to DDR266, in the BIOS setup but set it to DDR333 specifications, this will be because the hardware does not reach the requirements of the crash, if even if it is able to work in a short period of time, electronic components will increase with the use of time and gradually aging, The resulting quality problems can also cause the computer to "crash" frequently.

2. "Panic" caused by a hardware or software conflict

computer hardware conflict is mainly caused by the conflict of interrupt settings, when hardware conflicts occur, although the hardware can barely coexist in the system, but can not work at the same time, such as when the Internet can not listen to music and so on. A long time, the interruption of the conflict will occur frequently, the final will lead to the system overwhelmed, resulting in "panic."

Similarly, this is the case with software. Because different software companies develop more and more software, and these software in the process of development can not be fully familiar with each other, so when running the software together, it is easy to happen when everyone calls the same DLL or the same physical address, resulting in conflict. At this time of the computer system because it does not know the priority to deal with which request, resulting in a system disorder and cause the computer "panic."

3. Hardware quality and failure caused by the "panic"

As a result of some small brands of computer hardware products are often not passed through a qualified inspection procedures on the market, of which, there are a lot of quality hardware products in good quality under the cover of computer hardware is very hidden, ordinary people are not easy to see out. For these hardware products, the reason that the computer often "freezes" and they have a very direct relationship. In addition, some hardware failures are due to the use of too long time to produce. In general, memory, CPU and hard drives and other parts of life in more than three years after it is difficult to ensure that it will also produce a lot of hidden "panic" problem. (Tutorial

4. "Panic" caused by the depletion of the computer system source

when the computer system executes the wrong program or code, will cause the system to form a "dead" cycle of the phenomenon, the original very limited system resources will be put into endless duplication of operations, when the final calculation will be due to the computer too large to deplete the resources caused by "panic." Another point is that in the computer operating system to run a large number of programs, making the system memory resources are not enough to cause "panic."

5. "Panic" caused by system files being destroyed

system files mainly refers to the computer systems when the startup or operation of the key supporting files, if they are missing, the entire computer system will not be normal operation, of course, "panic" is inevitable. There are many reasons why system files are corrupted, and the intrusion of virus and hacker programs is the main reason. In addition, the deletion of the system files by the novice user due to incorrect operation can have this effect.

6. "Panic" caused by poor heat dissipation in the computer

because the main component of electronic components in the computer is silicon (this is a kind of working state is affected by the temperature of a large element). When the computer work, the electronic components of the temperature will be increased, the surface of the electronic migration phenomenon, thus changing the current working state, causing the computer in the work suddenly "panic".

7. "Panic" caused by the wrong operation of the primary user

for beginners, some of the wrong actions in the process of using a computer can also cause the system to "panic". such as hot plug hardware, in the process of shaking the computer, arbitrarily delete files or installed more than the basic hardware settings standard software can cause "panic."

8. Other causes of "panic"

In addition to the author of the reasons described above, there are many strange reasons may lead to the system "panic." For example, the voltage fluctuation is too large, optical drive read disk ability drops, floppy disk quality bad, virus or hacker program damage and so on. In short, the causes of computer crashes are manifold.

from the above points, the computer "crash" for the general user is not a good thing, but it is not inevitable, as long as the user in accordance with the normal computer operations, I believe the "crash" the probability will be reduced to the least. The following, the author on the causes of computer crashes summed up some of the experience to introduce you.

Second, the computer "freezes" the prevention

1. Ensure the correct BIOS settings. The settings in the BIOS must be appropriate and the incorrect BIOS settings will cause you to panic when running Windows.

2. Regularly check the computer accessories contact. In the case of poor contact with the board will cause system panic, so in the replacement of computer accessories, must make the board and the host board fully contact.

3. Clean the chassis regularly. Too much dust will make the card contact between the bad, causing the system in operation of the crash, so the chassis should be clean at any time, do not let too much dust accumulation in the chassis.

4. Insist on serious killing virus. For the unidentified CD-ROM or floppy disk, do not use easily, the attachment to the message, first use anti-virus software to check and then open.

5. Turn off the machine in the correct order of operation. Do not shut down the power supply until the application software is not finished properly, or it will cause the system files to be damaged or lost, causing the panic in the startup or operation.

6. Avoid multitasking at the same time. Do not run other software while performing disk collation or using antivirus software to check the hard drive, otherwise it will cause a panic.

7. Don't be too innovative. A variety of hardware drivers are not necessarily updated at any time, because the driver is often developed in the bug, will damage the system, causing the system panic, the latest is not necessarily the best.

8. When uninstalling the software, use the back installer or Windows installation/uninstall method, do not delete the program folder directly, because some files may be shared by other programs, once deleted these shared files, will cause the application software can not use and panic.

9. When setting up a hardware device, it is best to check for a retention interrupt (IRQ), do not let other devices use the interrupt number, so as not to cause interruption conflicts, resulting in system panic.

10. When surfing the Internet, do not open too many browser windows, otherwise it will cause system resources are not enough, causing system panic.

11. If your machine memory is not very large, do not run occupy large memory programs, such as Photoshop, otherwise run easily panic.

12. For system files or important files, it is best to use suppressed properties, so that you do not delete these files because of error operation, causing the system to panic.

13. When you modify a hard drive master boot record, it is a good idea to save the original record to prevent the original boot record from being restored because of a modification failure.

14.CPU, graphics cards and other accessories generally do not overclocking, if you really need to, to pay attention to overclocking after the temperature of the board, CPU, graphics and other long-term in the abnormal frequency and temperature of the work of the automatic restart or panic, heavy burned CPU, video card, motherboard.

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