The Center of Life

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See this passage today: Imagine your life is a game, you have to drop five goals at the same time, these five goals are work, family, health, friends and spiritual lives, and you must not let any one of the ball landing. You'll soon find that the job is a rubber ball, and if it falls, it will bounce back, and the other four balls: family, health, friends and spiritual life are made of glass, and if you let any of these four balls fall, they will wear, crack and even shatter, and once they fall, they will no longer be the same as before. I can't help thinking, which part is really important in our life? Can these choices be taken into account and the balance should be obtained ? think for a long time, finally understand, actually do not need to fear, these have always been part of our lives, choose good oneself feel the most want to cherish the part, the other will be in step-by-step operation up, they do not have so many conflicts exist.

Each of us plays a multiple role in social life and stands in different ways, and the emphasis we see is very diverse. Some people's ambition is strong, some people's family concept is more serious, some people's friends will be more intimate than relatives, some will feel the need to cherish their own physical and mental health, and then can say other. Don't think you should compare with others, it will only reduce your original value. I feel that what makes sense is the most suitable way of life. Because each person's existence is unique, because each person is very special. What others think is important is not the goal you should follow. Only you know which is closer to your heart and which is best for you. Like some people like to use short messages to communicate, some prefer to direct a telephone, feel more simple and clear. Finding the right self can make your work life smoother and more efficient.

In addition to your most important choices, be careful not to take the people, things, and things that are close to your heart as a matter of course. No one is obliged to take care of you, and if there is such a concern, you must treat them as if they were your life. Do not forget that the details of the mind and is from Thanksgiving. Maybe some grace is very small, you do not think, but as long as you have the heart of Thanksgiving, your own happiness will become more and more intense, but also unconsciously to give these subtle grace to others. For example, the holiday received a small greeting, birthday received strange blessings, weather anomalies before receiving warning information, reminding you to do a good job to prevent ... like this, you may not know who is opposite you, but this is from the concern of strangers, we will still be grateful, because even the robot sent out, but also because a person spent their time to set it up. Because of Thanksgiving, next time you will also give others a warm blessing, a good reminder. So to know that Thanksgiving is the standard of every life state.

What we have today is a part of people's expectations of tomorrow, to think of life as a game is not the focus, to understand for themselves, which is the most need to cherish is our focus. Take hold of the present, for yesterday is history, tomorrow is unknown, and today is a godsend: that is why we call it PRESENT ( now ) .

The Center of Life

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