The characteristics of the solidity of the intelligent Contract programming language

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Solidity characteristics

1, the exception can not capture
2, the function return value can be multiple
3, including address and other special types
4, the return value declaration can be placed on the function declaration
5, run the function will consume gas, gas shortage will cause the intelligent contract can not run
6, can be in Go-ethereum, solidity online compiler, mist wallet interface to run the smart contract
7, there is a separate unit of money
8, the conditional expression cannot replace the Boolean value with an integer
9, support the inline assembly (...) Use
10, a contract similar to a class, either through the solidity to create contracts, or through the Web3.js (a JavaScript framework) to create contracts.
11, Visibility or permissions control: external, public (function default), internal (state variable default), private
12, an object can inherit multiple parent classes
13, fallback function: Each contract has and only a function without a name, to ensure that the function performs an exception (such as gas is not enough) when the return ether
14. EVM Built-in Event object
15, Interface (virtual contract refers to the contract containing abstract functions)
16, the Library contract: do not need to instantiate, call the library contract functions only to operate on its reference
17, support function types, you can assign a function to a variable

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