The charm Blue Max handset fingerprint recognition setting fails how to do, the charm Blue Max fingerprint Identification Setup Tutorial

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The Phantom of the Blue Max Handset fingerprint identification setup failed to do

If it's a new phone you don't know how to set up then we can refer to the following method to set up

If the old phone fingerprint function is broken. Brush machine To see if you can recover, of course, it is possible to brush the machine after the fingerprint function completely disappeared

If the finger is not clean can be cleaned oh.

Not much to say, the following is the charm Blue Max fingerprint recognition setup steps:

First, open the Phantom Blue Max system desktop "Settings" icon, or in the screen drop-down menu, quickly find, click Open, as shown in the following figure.

Two. After entering the setup interface, pull down to find the fingerprint and security settings, then continue to click into the "Fingerprint and security"->"fingerprint Management", and then follow the prompts to add fingerprints. The first Blue e fingerprint function, you need to set a "lock screen password", completed is exactly the fingerprint entry add interface.

Ps. Lock screen password is mainly for future fingerprint unlock is not sensitive or failure, you can unlock through the password, this unlock password best set an easy to remember.

Three. The charm Blue Max can enter 5 groups of fingerprints, support different fingers, can also be different users, such as relatives or friends of the fingerprint can be entered. Fingerprint entry is very simple, just according to the system prompts to constantly press the finger, as shown in the picture.

Four. Fingerprint identification after the end, you can also open the corresponding functions, such as open fingerprint unlock, fingerprint payment, or the management has entered a good fingerprint or add, delete and other operating methods, as shown in the following figure.

In fact, I introduced a lot of mobile phone fingerprint mobile phone fingerprint settings, in fact, the charm of Blue Max mobile phone Fingerprint identification method is also a set of steps.

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