The child and parent nodes of the Treeview are selected in cascade mode, traverse the Treeview, and search for and select nodes.

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Cascade the child and parent nodes of the Treeview

Reference: (child node and parent node cascading selection of Treeview)

(Treeview click Text select and click parent node select subnode)

(C # traverse Treeview and find and select nodes)


<HTML xmlns = ""> 

Background code:

Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs e) {If (! Ispostback) {This. treeview1.attributes. add ("onclick", "postbackbyobject ()"); treeview1.attributes. add ("onselectednodechanged", "treeviewincluselectednodechanged"); BIND () ;}} void BIND () {list <contactgroupdomain> nodes = (list <contactgroupdomain>) helper. contactgroup (). getallgroup (UID); If (null = nodes) {return ;}for (INT I = 0; I <nodes. count; I ++) // cyclically {treenode node = new treenode (); node. value = nodes [I]. cgid; node. TEXT = nodes [I]. cgname; bindchildnode (node); treeview1.nodes. add (node) ;}} void bindchildnode (treenode node) {list <contactpersondomain> personlist = (list <contactpersondomain>) helper. contactperson (). getcontactbygid (UID, node. value); For (INT I = 0; I <personlist. count; I ++) {treenode childnode = new treenode (); childnode. value = personlist [I]. CPID; childnode. TEXT = personlist [I]. cpname; node. childnodes. add (childnode );}}

Protected void treeviewinclutreenodecheckchanged (Object sender, treenodeeventargs e) {setchildchecked (E. node); setparentchecked (E. node );}

/// <Summary> /// select the parent node, all its subnodes are also selected /// </Summary> /// <Param name = "parentnode"> </param> private void setchildchecked (treenode parentnode) {If (parentnode. checked = true) {foreach (treenode tn in parentnode. childnodes) {tn. checked = parentnode. checked; If (TN. childnodes. count> 0) {setchildchecked (TN) ;}} else {foreach (treenode tn in parentnode. childnodes) {tn. checked = parentnode. checked; If (TN. childnodes. count> 0) {setchildchecked (TN );}}}}

/// <Summary> /// select the subnode, parent node is also selected /// </Summary> /// <Param name = "childnode"> </param> private void setparentchecked (treenode childnode) {If (childnode. checked = true) {If (childnode. parent! = NULL) {childnode. Parent. Checked = childnode. Checked; setparentchecked (childnode. Parent) ;}} else {If (childnode. parent! = NULL) {If (! Checkchildallcheck (childnode. Parent) {childnode. Parent. Checked = childnode. Checked; setparentchecked (childnode. Parent );}}}}

/// <Summary> /// check whether the sibling node of the current node and Its subnodes are selected. If yes, true is returned directly. // If NO, continue recursion. /// </Summary> /// <Param name = "Node"> </param> /// <returns> </returns> private bool checkchildallcheck (treenode node) {bool ischeck = false; foreach (treenode childnode in node. childnodes) {If (childnode. checked) {return true;} else {ischeck = checkchildallcheck (childnode) ;}} return ischeck ;}

Protected void treeviewincluselectednodechanged (Object sender, eventargs e) {treenode = treeview1.selectednode ;}

The object set in the program is changed according to your actual needs.


Select "Level 3 Node 1", and all its parent nodes will be selected.



C # traverse the Treeview and find and select nodes

First, let's take a look at the sample program on msdn: print all the node names in a tree private void printrecursive (treenode) {// print the node. system. diagnostics. debug. writeline (treenode. text); MessageBox. show (treenode. text); // print each node recursively. foreach (treenode tn in treenode. nodes) {printrecursive (TN) ;}// call the procedure using the Treeview. private void callrecursive (Treeview) {// print each node recursively. treenodecollection nodes = Treeview. nodes; foreach (treenode N in nodes) {printrecursive (n );}}

The relationship between the Treeview class and the treenode class is described as follows: a read-only attribute in the Treeview class is nodes, which belongs to the treenodecollection type, the nodes attribute of a Treeview is the collection of the root node of the Treeview.

Then, I recursively traverse the method of searching for a tree node (because the program needs to search for it based on the imageindex attribute of the Tree node ):

Private treenode findtreenode (INT imageindex, treenode tnparent) {If (tnparent = NULL) return NULL; If (tnparent. imageindex = imageindex) return tnparent; treenode tnret = NULL; foreach (treenode tn in tnparent. nodes) {tnret = findtreenode (imageindex, TN); If (tnret! = NULL) break;} return tnret;} private treenode callfindnode (INT imageindex, Treeview) {treenodecollection nodes = Treeview. nodes; foreach (treenode N in nodes) {treenode temp = findtreenode (imageindex, n); If (temp! = NULL) return temp;} return NULL;} // <summary> // This Is A click event, with the selected node changed, /// when the selected node is changed, the selectednodechanged event is triggered /// </Summary> /// <Param name = "sender"> </param> /// <Param name = "E"> </param> void mycontroltransactions_addcustomer (Object sender, eventargs e) {treenode temp = callfindnode (3, treeview1); If (temp! = NULL) treeview1.selectednode = temp ;}



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