The clear and transparent course of the mm eye treatment by Photoshop

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A portrait requires a divine form, as the character's inner world is often manifested through the eyes. And the eye light point is often portrait photo vivid focus point, therefore, in the film's later processing, eye light of the correct application will appear particularly important

Before we start, let's take a look at the formative features of eye-light spots:

1, location

The position of the eye-light point usually depends on the angle of the light source. But in outdoor photography, if the use of backlighting, because the eye is not directly exposed to the light, it will not produce eye light point. If in the positive or oblique sunlight, the eye will appear bright eye light point, reflected in the pupil. In the interior photography, the eye light point is produced by the front light illumination surface of the object being photographed. If the light is high, the position of the light point moves up. Conversely, move down. If the lights move to the left and right sides, the point of light will become a long spot, in the whites, moving a large amplitude, the light point will disappear.

2, size

In the light of photography, the size of the eye light point depends on the distance, strength and size of the light source. The lights are close to the characters and the light is large. Conversely, light point is small, in light enhancement, light point is big, conversely, light point is small. The larger the light source, the larger the light point, on the contrary, light point small.

3, how many

The amount of eye light depends on the number of lights in front of the person. More lights, more eyes. Conversely, light points are less.

The shape of the eye light point should be of moderate size and circle, the position should be in the pupil's side, the quantity with a little or two points as good. If the eye light points appear on the edge of the eye or the whites, forming a long spot, or even light points too much or too little, will make the eyes weaken, the phenomenon of mental concentration.

Second, to modify the eye light, to follow a basic principle: the character eye Light point less. Would rather one not have two, even two, not three. Except for special needs. There are several ways to perform:

1, the eye light is best only one.

This kind of eye light is more commonly used. reflect the attention of the people, according to the change of position can show the mood of the characters and so on, the performance intention is very wide.

2, eye light position should be consistent with the direction of the character's eyes.

Generally speaking, when the characters look down, eye light should be arranged in the center of the eyeball slightly lower some; when looking up, the eyes should be arranged slightly on the center of the eyeball. If you pay attention to the point, eye Light in the center of the eyeball should be a round point, and in the eye four weeks, it is best to be crescent-shaped, so that the eyeball more rich three-dimensional.

3. There should be a light transmission belt on one side of the high light point of the eye.

The human eye is a transparent glass sphere. In arranging eye light, want to show good eye of this external characteristics, should be on the eye of the highlight side has a light transmission belt, forming a transverse bar of light and highlight points into one, to enhance the eye's stereoscopic sense of transparency. The method of forming the light transmission band is to illuminate the center beam of the auxiliary lights on the oblique side of the eyeball, and a light transmission band appears on one side of the high point of the eyeball.

Needless to say, here's a few of Photoshop's simple tools to fix eye light (the version used in this example is Photoshop CS2).

1. Crescent Light Repair Method:

First of all, open a photo, here is very grateful to color Yoomi Gong 紸 Hall mm to provide this tutorial photos.

Beautiful mm but eyes big no God

As can be seen from the photos, the eyes are basically no eye light. Only a faint crescent of light, good. Let's change the crescent light first.

Next, in Photoshop to select the Dodge tool, modify the Dodge range for the "middle tune" exposure is 11%, exposure can be adjusted according to their own feel, the smaller the better trimmed, and no traces. Changes can be made several times. Until I'm satisfied.

Local fine-tuning with Dodge tools

In the end, you can add color to your eyeballs as you intend. After the specific color method, I will say. Category:

    • PS Image Processing
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