The comparison between the indoor decoration solid wood floor and the composite floor

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1. About Arch
Many friends abandoned solid wood flooring and the choice of composite flooring is because the wood floor easy to arch. In fact, this view is worth studying.
First of all, we should pay attention to an objective reality, that is, the quality of the decoration team on the market uneven, and solid wood flooring is a delicate thing, not all can cope. Therefore, many of these problems have been caused.
For example, a friend talked about his home solid wood flooring problem: The end of last year after the floor, the whole decoration did not finish the floor has been arched, to April this year has been repaired 3 times, arch even the door can not switch.
I simply asked him a few things, and as soon as I heard it, I thought about the problem. First, at that time for the sake of beauty, did not leave the floor of the expansion joint, this violates the natural law, because anything has more or less expansion and contraction. Especially in the cold weather floor, at that time in a cool state, in order to look good and the sewing small, to the hot weather do not arch is impossible. Second, for the so-called fixed, and a large number of use of glue. Here are some details of the problem: if it is a plate, then the use of white latex or 903 glue is not a problem, the principle is to let the floor itself to absorb the arch, and then grinding, it will not have any changes; if it is a paint plate, it is recommended to use only a small amount of 903 gum, must not use white latex, At that time, the decoration company was doing the use of white latex. Since white latex belongs to water-based adhesives,
The wood floor moisture absorption must rise arch.
Just like a professional camera in a do not understand the operation of the hands, even shoot camera are inferior, but we can not say professional camera is not good, in fact, the roof of solid wood flooring problem, is due to operational reasons or some of the performance does not work on the board caused by, can not generalize.
In fact, the composite floor due to the laying of the problem, although not part of the arch, but the overall arch. Because the composite floor in the middle of the room and there is no fixed point, based on the law of nature, laminate flooring will inevitably have expansion and contraction, so, a lot of composite flooring go up, there will be a soft feeling, this is because of the arch.

2. About Abrasion
Objectively speaking, the surface of the laminate floor is indeed more wearable than the solid wood floor. But it is also necessary to know that the composite floor wear-resistant parts only O. 8mm, and the thickness of solid wood flooring is 18mm, a full 22 times times the composite floor.
The other is the corner crack problem, the composite floor although the surface is quite wearable, but its corner is the most vulnerable part. Composite flooring for long-term use, first of all the damage is here. Therefore, this wear-resistant is conditional.

3. About Maintenance
The front also said that the solid wood flooring is the same as the more delicate things, and the composite floor is quite a lot more convenient. As we wear clothes, people who like to wear cloth clothes may not understand why some people spend money to buy a fur coat, and often spend money on dry cleaners. For the use of solid wood flooring, you have to spend a bit of energy, who let you like that gorgeous and comfortable? And many people do not have the correct use and maintenance of solid wood flooring knowledge, often the maintenance of the workload exaggerated. In fact, for laminate flooring, there is also the need for maintenance, but the form is different.

4. About Waterproofing
I in the building materials market, have seen a building materials shop in the display of composite flooring, the composite floor bubble in the water said no deformation, and then said the solid wood floor how. In fact, this statement is not accurate, because of all, in ancient times, even in modern times, many ships are made of wooden hull. In fact, to make solid wood flooring waterproof method is very simple, is on the paint when the six-side paint on the line, the whole piece of wood to paint the package up, will be damp deformation?
Of course, to make the whole floor structure is not afraid of water, first of all, the whole process is waterproof, which involves the budget. At present, the whole industry to engage in price competition, who are not willing to go to more than the process, not to mention the whole ground bubble in the water situation is almost zero.
As far as I know, there is a kind of floor called oil tan (darker color), because it contains oil, so even if you do not do any treatment, put in the water even in the 50, there is no estimate of changes, then the composite floor 2 hours By comparison may be dwarfed.

5. About environmental protection
Composite flooring Plant proposed composite flooring environmental protection means that the first does not need to cut too much wood, save resources; The second implication is that there is less pollution; The third implication is that there is a substantial portion of the raw material that comes from scrap recycling. If only from pollution this point of view, the solid wood flooring itself because it is purely natural and therefore will not contain any pollutants.

6. About Price
The raw material growth of solid wood flooring takes time and a lot of cultivation work, so the unit cost is much higher than the industrial production of laminate flooring. So, the price of solid wood flooring is certainly high-some.

7. The floor of the platform is a commercial floor
Many manufacturers propaganda, composite flooring is the new century, the trend of Europe and the United States. In fact, in Europe and the United States, the first use of composite flooring as a commercial floor, mainly used in shopping malls and other decoration; Office decoration using composite flooring is also very few, more use of carpets. Of course, this does not mean that laminate flooring cannot be used at home. I think there is a question of personal choice or cost considerations.
After reading what I said above, it seems that I am in the maintenance of solid wood flooring, it is not. As the solid wood flooring manufacturers rarely promote their own brand, so we probably know less about it. With the development of science and technology, new products will continue to emerge. I personally think, whether it is a composite floor or solid wood flooring, the existence is reasonable, have their own strengths, customers should be based on their preferences, use, economic strength and other aspects of comprehensive consideration to choose.  renovation and renovation of houses 4.11

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The comparison between the indoor decoration solid wood floor and the composite floor

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