The comprehensive development of the website from nine words

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The comprehensive development of the website from nine words

A, the website, depends on "realizes". It's no use being told. "Borrowed fire, point not light own mind".

Suitable for their own methods to be summed up by their own experience, to find that others give you only may be jujube core, the best is only a green jujube.

second, seriously to do only qualified, the intention to do to be excellent.

This sentence can be reflected in the initial web site production, even if the site produced again exquisite, content and then enrich, no target users, do not know where to face, and then seriously can only be regarded as a qualified site, from excellent but there is a distance. Only before doing, attentively inspected the market, understand this website to do is why, how to do, how to profit, to the whole process has a general idea, so can be called an excellent website.

third, the capital is only a phenomenon, the market is the essence.

After the site has been profitable, don't be fooled by the mind, this can only explain the previous and still stable, want to maintain the status quo so that a higher level, it is necessary to wake up their excited mind, carefully observe the current market, analysis of the future situation, as well as policy and regulations and other factors that can affect the future development, can not be the network revolution to " Pushed "up.

Iv. in business, never discouraged.

Whenever anything, it is important to remember one thing, do the site root traditional industry is not different, is also a business, a sale. Stationmaster, also businessman, most stationmaster also is to make money. Nanjing to Beijing, buy not to sell the essence. This is not to say to the webmaster trick, play Yin, but to the businessman's eye to budget the site's every income. Do not be lofty, arrogant, disdain some small income, for some large expenditure and distressed unceasingly. The merchant contrast oneself strong of course must unify study experience, compare oneself weak also don't despise, a good stationmaster can see any a glimmer of business opportunity existence.

to be a positive thinker, do not lose yourself to the pessimistic.

Do the station is not smooth sailing, any webmaster will encounter setbacks. Stationmaster's outstanding is in this time can find own mistake, the prompt error correction, does not cause the bigger loss to carry on the market capture before. It is the truth that the so-called mend is not late.

Vi. Successful website strategy comes from creating and understanding the market.

Each created a new form of the site is a good development. This is a considerable part of the understanding of the market, a good webmaster, should not be limited to their own site as the center of the small circle, this will only be complacent. Fluctuations in either row can affect other industries that are relevant or even seem unrelated.

Seven, when the service does not give you the advantage, you can only rely on your users.

The real value of a website is its users. The value of a website is not how much it earns, but how much your loyal users are. Whether it's any form of advertising--window, monthly, affiliate, customer, or even your billing service--It all depends on the loyalty of the user.

It's always easy for people to make big decisions when they are most successful or fail, and the decision is basically unsuccessful.

This problem also has a very typical example: Wolf asked the old wolf why I always can't catch the prey, and you are always easy to catch? Old Wolf said because you are always hungry after the start, and I always eat when the time to do. The reason is simple, the full brain than the hungry brain thinking more flexible, more comprehensive, the same in the most excited, thinking is always not comprehensive enough, easy to produce flaws.

Nine, don't try to solve all the problems

There are a lot of problems every day, but it's impossible to try to solve them all. You have to create development opportunities through innovation, and in the process the original problem is solved. If the problem to solve the problem, I think is equal to always follow the question, you will be trapped in, unable to extricate themselves.

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