The content in the embedded form field may be changed by the server to delete insecure content. Do you want to reload your page to view the saved results?

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The content in the embedded form field may be changed by the server to delete insecure content. Do you want to reload your page to view the saved results? Recently, a friend asked him to insert a piece of code when he was editing on the SharePoint homepage. This problem occurs when the storage is completed.
No matter whether you select "yes" or "no", you cannot see the effect in the design view after saving it. Check the Code view and delete the corresponding code. This is indeed very annoying. It was hard to write so many things, and the result was finally lost by Spd itself. If it was previously backed up, it would be okay. Otherwise, the half-day results would be lost. First, we need to clarify the nature of this question. It is not an error; it is a warning. Appears on the wiki page. It exists for the purpose of security on the wiki page. The SharePoint homepage is also a wiki page. This problem also occurs. I tried to add a hyperchain on the wiki page. I know it is safe (because I entered a, can it be unsafe ?). But SPD obviously does not think so. Although there is no problem during writing, this warning box is displayed when saving. Click Yes, and then go back to the Code view. The rest is <A> </a>... The SPD is not even connected to Baidu. Although I understand it as a warning, why does it appear? The question is how to solve it. Microsoft is doing a little poorly in this regard. No wonder some netizens will call Microsoft sucks at errors. This problem is not encountered on a blank site because it is not based on Wiki. So abandon the team site, Select a blank site Is a solution. Then, I try to insert an image. Unfortunately, it was also eliminated by SPD. However, note that you can save the src attribute of the image and preview the image in the browser.
You can also see the following in the browser preview:
This is the second solution. SharePoint thinks it is smarter than users, but it is a big mistake. In this regard, it does not seem very mature. If the content (such as images) is faulty and is considered insecure, Spd should display more information for whatever reason, pointing out where the problem lies. If you use a normal page, you will not see this warning. As I said, If you create a blank page and put some content into it, obviously, you will not encounter similar problems.

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