The cottage has the style of mercy of the upper person = =

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At the beginning to see the mercy of the Top people blog, found that blog too TM Meng, suddenly want to use the style, decorate their blog.

Simply talk about the mercy of the top of the blog settings, first into the home of the mercy of the upper person, open F12 to see the main need to modify and add something.

The blogger made a note for us = =, where the pagebeginhtml tag included in the top of the page HTML, note js,css link for themselves or bloggers link. Pageendhtml tags include the end of the page HTML

Then you modify it according to your own needs. Then modify the page's custom CSS, bo main source code inside there is a 22**** CSS file, will be copied into the content, and the blog skin modified to the same as the blogger (SIMPLAYG). Finally, you can slowly study the Bo Master's Mercy Code, there are many JQ usage can learn.

Attached is a few pictures of favorite anime pictures:

The cottage has the style of mercy of the upper person = =

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