The creation of the. NET Core Community Fourth Millennium Project: the MicroServices framework surging

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Referring to. NET microservices, there are always traces of surging in the series of impressions that emerge in our minds. There is no doubt that although we have not yet incorporated it into the technical selection of the production environment, we have been observing this project for a long time and have learned and tried it privately. For me, let me most touched the moment is the author of the sentence "Give Me 2 years, I give you a complete micro-service framework", if we give him 2 years, if we continue to observe 2 years, 2 years after the surging will give us what surprise? The answer is not to say, on the side, the purpose of today's article is not to introduce Mr. Fanliang and his surging, but to congratulate Mr. Fanliang surging become NCC's fourth thousand Star project. Thank him for his efforts and congratulations on his achievements.

In the middle of last year, Mr. Fanliang brought surging to us and introduced surging's architectural ideas in detail. Surging is a distributed micro-service framework that provides high-performance RPC remote service invocation, uses Zookeeper, Consul as the service registry, integrates hashing, randomization, polling, pressure minimization as a load balancing algorithm, integrates Netty framework, and uses asynchronous transmission. Few words can not surging, fortunately in Mr. Fanliang's blog there are a large number of articles about surging subsystem details and use cases, this article does not repeat.

What can surging bring?

    1. Simplified service invocation, by specifying the service rules, allows remote calls between services without the need for additional intrusion
    2. Service autoenrollment and discovery do not require a service provider address, the registry queries the address and metadata of the service provider based on Serviceid or Routepath, and is able to smoothly add or remove service providers.
    3. Soft load balancing and fault-tolerant mechanism, which can achieve internal call load and fault tolerance by surging internal load algorithm and fault-tolerant rule setting
    4. Distributed Cache Middleware: Load is implemented through a hash consistency algorithm, and health checks can smoothly remove unhealthy services from the list
    5. Event Bus: The Publish-subscribe interaction mode can be implemented by adapting the event bus
    6. containerized continuous integration and continuous delivery: improve the reliability, stability, resiliency, and security of your production environment by building an integrated DevOps platform that automates the building, deployment, testing, and release of your projects.
    7. Business Modular drive engine that enables more flexible and efficient deployment of different versions of business function modules by loading specified business modules

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Simple example:

Fanliang11 (Fanliang)

During the NCC Meetup 2018 Shanghai event, Mr. Fanliang introduced us to surging.

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Surging since joining NCC has always been constantly updated and perfected, the author's beautiful hairstyle, rigorous thinking, the project gradually complete and perfect, at the end of June 2018 at the beginning of July to become the NCC fourth star number of thousands of projects, it is worth congratulating. To this end, by the NCC authorized, by Alexlewis Gift surging author Mr. Fanliang11 book a book.

Give a brief history of thought to Mr. Fanliang.

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All prizes in this article will be donated to NCC (NCC's funds are currently administered by the Master of Bamboo), please specify the donation to NCC. The donation will be made public by the adult who is pouring bamboo.

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