The Cultural Revolution is the manifestation of discontent.

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The Cultural Revolution is the manifestation of discontent. If there were no grievances, the Cultural Revolution would not be so bad. People usually in the heart of gas, was bullied, nowhere to vent. During the Cultural Revolution, the seizures will be concentrated. Usually, some people engage in "inaction law", propaganda wrong ideology, people always eat哑巴亏. More and more resentment in the heart, and can not find a valid reason, resulting in not speaking out. But they all remember, and who have revenge, and who have resentment, they are very clear in their hearts. By the time of the Cultural Revolution, these methods of persecution will be emulated. It is also a disinformation attack on those who persecuted themselves, thus making a lot of injustice. The animals are usually petty by disinformation. By the time of the Cultural Revolution, people would have made a rumor that the Beast's life would be called. This is the cause-and-effect cycle, retribution is unpleasant.
I know a person is typical, has been bullied, has been suppressed in the heart. I tried to persuade him to speak openly, and he refused to say. It was only because he could not justify it for a moment. During the Cultural Revolution, these in the heart of the account, will be concentrated vent out, into a variety of injustice.
It is feared that the beasts will be burying again until they have learned their lesson.

The Cultural Revolution is the manifestation of discontent.

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