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In May this year, HP announced the Helion cloud plan and plans to invest $1 billion in the next two years. Next, HP began to methodically promote the implementation of the plan. The latest news is that in July 1, Hewlett-Packard announced the establishment of a Global Helion alliance, hoping to attract independent software vendors, developers, system integrators, and value-added dealers to join in and build an openstack-based cloud ecosystem, helps customers build a secure hybrid cloud environment.

 Cloud strategic distribution implementation

Steve dietch, vice president of cloud computing business marketing at Hewlett-Packard, said that although cloud computing is still in the early stages of application, enterprise business and cloud have truly begun to integrate. An obvious change is that enterprise users' acceptance of public cloud has increased from 7% four years ago to 40%.

In 2014, there were some new development trends in the cloud computing market, such as the increasing popularity of hybrid clouds. People paid more attention to the security of cloud networks and began to pay attention to open standards. internal IT departments of enterprises were transformed into service providers, provide IT services to other departments. Based on this background, HP has set the tone for its cloud computing strategy: it designs and services for enterprises, complies with open standards, and develops for cloud interoperability.

In 2012, HP put forward a clear cloud strategy. The launch of the Helion cloud plan in May 2014 marks a new development stage of HP's cloud computing strategy and further clarifies the technical development path based on openstack. Today, the establishment of the Helion Alliance shows that HP will accelerate the implementation of its cloud strategy by establishing a cloud ecosystem. According to Steve dietch, the goal of the Helion cloud plan is to help users build a hybrid cloud environment. The four pillars for achieving this goal are: HP cloudsystem private cloud, Helion openstack release, managed cloud provided by HP or its partners, and Helion public cloud.

  Establish a cloud Ecosystem

Although the Helion alliance was just established, it is not a castle in the air, HP's cloudagile service provider, which has been operating for many years, plans to provide it with the most basic resources-more than 115 service providers and 1500 private cloud projects around the world. Currently, the Helion alliance has multiple partners, including at&t, Intel, and synapsis.

Helion is an open alliance managed and promoted by all member organizations. Members of the Helion alliance can make full use of the technical and professional knowledge of HP and its partners to provide their own differentiated cloud products and use Helion alliance as a platform for promotion and sales, HP will provide channel and sales support. Members of the Helion alliance must follow the principle of using the Helion openstack release to build their own cloud architecture, but HP will not force Helion alliance members to use HP's hardware.

Building a cloud ecosystem is almost a common choice for every vendor who intends to establish a dominant position in the cloud computing field. HP hopes to use the Helion alliance to find and unite a wider range of partners to jointly build a hybrid cloud solution, thereby promoting wider deployment of cloud applications. In addition to HP, we also saw companies like RedHat all build their own cloud ecosystem and carry out product certification programs based on openstack. As different vendors build their own cloud ecosystems, will the cloud solutions derived from these different cloud ecosystems become incompatible? Steve dietch said: "HP will try its best to avoid incompatibility with cloud products when promoting the development of the Helion alliance. Open-source cloud architecture of openstack is a technical framework that HP has always adhered. HP is one of the only vendors in the world that can operate large-scale openstack applications. This is our biggest advantage. Later, HP will deploy the Helion openstack release in its own data center ."

  Accelerate openstack cloud Product Development

While announcing the establishment of the Helion alliance, HP also released the Helion openstack release and cloud foundry-based Helion development platform. The two platforms laid the technical foundation of the Helion alliance.

Helion openstack release is a horizontally scalable, mature, and professional commercial product, in a hybrid cloud environment, open-source cloud computing architecture can be provided to partners and users through an elastic and maintenance platform to prevent users from being locked. The Helion development platform supports multiple programming languages and is embedded with application development frameworks, common applications, and high-availability services to accelerate the development, deployment, and expansion of cloud applications. The Helion development platform can also be integrated with the Helion openstack release to provide users with an open interoperability platform for application development and transplantation across private and public clouds. "The Helion development platform can help users achieve rapid product development and accelerate the release of new products. With the Helion development platform, developers no longer have to worry about the underlying infrastructure issues, as long as they focus on business needs ." Steve dietch.

Both openstack and cloud foundry are open architectures in the industry. Any vendor can develop on this basis. How can HP establish its own advantages on this basis? Steve dietch responded: "Open Source is only one of the core strategies of our cloud computing strategy, not all. Based on open-source and open architecture, we will provide more additional value and differentiated features, such as hardware, security, management, and value-added services ."

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