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The dataworks OA custom document approval system allows users or partners to customize document forms, processes, and printed documents while implementing the document management system.
The biggest feature is that you can customize the document form and print form of various units to achieve the same format as the document form used by your organization.

The document system provides functions such as drafting, receiving and registration, to-do, completed, circulated, archiving, reminder, jump, and statistics, which can be combined with custom processes, file Transfer approval; combined with weboffice, trace retention and electronic seal. The process function allows you to customize process steps, implement functions such as flow, return, Skip, close, and no. You can customize 50 other forms, such as the request report, request form, purchase order, and other forms and processes. You can customize the input, query, and approval of most administrative data at will.

The system function module includes: custom functions (including custom documents, 50 forms, and processes), receiving and publishing systems, and transaction applications (summarize all to-do, existing, and pending documents), personal Center (instant message, password change, calendar, Address Book, personal documents, and other functions), Information Center (functions such as announcement, system, documents, forums, chat rooms, and archiving files), system settings (organizational structure, permissions, menu adjustment, logs, personnel files, and other functions ).

Document System:

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