The design of the flowing effect of the basket net step by step

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Design once, the basket with the shooting hit and the wind flowing in that moment, the author of the Heart also suddenly floated up, how would like to record this wonderful moment! This is not, the author pound, chose his favorite Photoshop7.0, designed the basketball after the net to follow the dance effect; Please take a look at this special effects of the production process, while aftertaste the thrill of shooting!

1, run the Photoshop program, open the main operating interface of Photoshop7.0, clicking the File menu item in the menu bar of the interface and selecting the new command from the pop-up Drop-down menu opens the New dialog box shown in Figure 1, where you can enter the name text box of the dialog box. "The net is elegant" This image name, at the same time, enter a new image with a width of 300 pixels and a height of 300 pixels at the width and height settings bar, set the resolution of the image to 96pixels/inch, and set the display mode of the image to RGB color in the colour mode settings bar, And under the document background settings bar, the background color of the image selected as "White", set these parameters, click the Confirmation button in the dialog box, return to the main editing interface;

Figure 01

2, now everyone first to look at the blue box design. In the Layers panel window, click the New Layer button to create a Layer 1 layer, and then click the Circle Selection Tool on the toolbar on the left side of the main interface to draw an ellipse in the Layer 1 layer.

3. Then move the mouse to the foreground color Settings button in the sidebar, set the foreground color value for the current edit area to #036e68, and then use the mouse to select the Gradient tool in the toolbar, and the gradient color is set according to the parameters shown in Figure 2.

Figure 02

When set, pull the gradient in the oval selection;

4, and then select the "Circle Selection Tool" in the Layer 1 layer of the ellipse inside, draw an elliptical selection so that you can subtract the middle part and get an oval ring; then you can press and hold the ALT key on the keyboard to move and copy the ring, and add the position of the two rings to the right place. We can realize the production of basket box, as shown in Figure 3 is the basket effect chart;

Figure 03

5, the following should be the design of basketball nets, in the design of the net, you can first in the Layers panel window, click the new Layer button to recreate a layer, and then select the Pen tool in the toolbar, in the new layer in accordance with the picture shown in Figure 4 to describe the path of the basketball network;

Figure 04

6, return to the tool bar, select the Pencil tool, set the brush size to fit, set the brush color to #b52e34, move the mouse to the Path panel window, click the small triangle to the right arrow in the Path panel window, and then the program opens a shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 5;

Figure 05

In this menu, you can select the stroke Path command, and in the subsequent interface shown in Figure 6, select the Stroke tool as "pencil" and click the OK button;

Figure 06

7, then you can make the current production of the path to replicate, in the process of copying, we should pay attention to the effect of basketball network, copy and move the path to the appropriate position, the final cable effect should be as shown in Figure 7, so as to facilitate the integration of basketball network cable into the net;

Figure 07

8, to the figure 7 as shown in the network layer for a number of copies, and then use the tool bar in the mobile tool, to adjust the position of the network cable in each layer, so that the cable stranded in the process of arranging the attention of the near large and far small common sense and color of the adjustment laws, so that the perspective of the relationship, and finally we should get 5 basket network cable, The effect figure shown in Figure 8;

9, so far, we have designed the most basic elements of the Nets, now just think of ways to make these elements into a basket. Return to the Layer window, select the layer shown in Figure 8 with the mouse, and then execute the Layer/Copy Layer command in the menu bar;

Figure 08

10, then use the mouse to select the layer after the copy, and click on the menu bar in the "edit"/"Free Transform Path" command, to the copied layer slightly rotate a suitable angle, while using the Ctrl+u command to adjust the object in accordance with the light and shade, Then use the Mobile tool to adjust the alignment position of the network cable in the layer;

11, select the "Rectangular selection tool" to the nets on both sides of the network line lines selected, and execute the "filter"/"blur"/"blur" commands in the menu bar separately, if the effect is not too obvious, you can repeat such commands several times, and finally you will get a picture of the effect shown in Figure 9;

Figure 09

12, Figure 9 shows that the basket is not a little bit of movement, for this we will be in the next step to the basket for dynamic modification, in order to let the basketball net produce an elegant effect; return to the Layer window and click the basket layer with the left mouse button; Then, in the main operation interface, click the Filter menu item in the menu bar with the mouse, Select the Twist/Curve command in the Drop-down menu that is then opened;

13, in the following open Figure 10 in the Parameter setup dialog box,

Figure 10

You must select the "Wrap Around" option and then click the OK button in the dialog box to return to the main editing interface of Photoshop.

14, in order to make the net elegant effect design more image, more realistic point, we can move the mouse to the tool bar, and then according to the basketball net actual elegant situation, to select the "Dodge Tool" or "deepening tool", the Nets elegant local color details of the adjustment;

15, re-return to the Layer window, click the new Layer button to recreate another layer, in which you can symbolically design a rebound to make it easier to fix the basket; When you design rebounds, you just draw a square area in the new layer and fill in the appropriate color, At the same time to the square area of the appropriate degree of feathering, and then open the layer effect screen, the layer to set the appropriate projection effect;

16, finally, you can make a good rebound, basket frame and basket layer for clever flattening, while copying the nets, and using the Ctrl+u command to its color changes in the light and shade of the appropriate treatment, and mobile tools to set the position, so that the basket by the basket frame around And then use the small black circle in the basket of the relative position to make the basket network rope through the hole, adjust the basket position, make lines from the inside pull out the effect;

17. After all the settings are complete, follow the layers/Flatten Layers command in the menu bar. So the Photoshop program will be able to merge all the layers, you can see a figure 11 as shown in the basket elegant effect, and then you can choose the appropriate way to save the setting of the effect of the screen to save.

Figure 11

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