The difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer

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With the development of modern computer technology, people no longer meet the printing quality of inkjet printers, the pursuit of higher print quality of laser printers, the introduction of this information is relatively small, here is an analysis of the laser printer and inkjet difference.

Although all are printers, the difference between laser printers is essentially different. Although the price of laser printer is high, it has advantages of good print quality, high efficiency and low overall printing cost. From the printing of the same file can be seen, it and inkjet printer specifications have a lot of the same place, such as: printing speed, print quality, interface, work environment.

Design of consumable material for laser printer with drum powder separation

This separation of the drum powder printer will undoubtedly reduce printing costs and reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste. Therefore, there are many laser printer manufacturers have adopted this design, the use of drum powder separation of long-lasting toner cartridge. In this way, when the toner cartridge is used up, as long as the replacement of the powder box can continue to use, saving costs. Of course, this design also has its drawbacks, in the later period of toner cartridge life, laser printer print quality will drop. However, now most of the drum powder separation design of the printer has cartridge counters, once the toner cartridge life, the printer will prompt the user to replace the toner cartridge.

Laser printer using primary imaging technology

This is a unique parameter for a color laser printer. The imaging technology of color laser printer can be divided into four imaging and one time imaging. The early color laser printer used more than four times imaging technology, it will be printed in the cyan, magenta, yellow, black four color process, and each process can only handle one colour. The disadvantage is that the printing color image speed will be significantly reduced, and when the printer aging or failure, it is also prone to poor chromatography. And the use of a color laser imaging technology printer, it has four independent imaging system, in the actual printing can be parallel to print cyan, magenta, yellow, black four colors, fundamentally improve the color printing speed, reduce the probability of poor chromatography. In general, the use of a single imaging technology of the printer's Black-and-white and color printing speed is basically the same. At present, the sale of color laser printers in the market uses one imaging technology.

The output time of the page

Page output time is the time that the printer takes to receive the print command to the first page of output. In the actual use process, there are many reasons affecting this parameter, including the complexity of the printing task, the transfer rate of the interface, the heating speed of the fixing roller and so on. However, when the manufacturer tests this parameter, it usually only considers the printing delay caused by the printer's own reasons. For laser printers, the key factor affecting the printing time on the home page is the heating speed of the fixing roller. When it comes to heating speed, this is because the printer is idle, in order to save energy and prolong the life of the Fuser roller, so that the fixing roller maintains a lower temperature. And once there is a task, it is necessary to heat the fuser roller to a certain temperature in a short time to work properly. This heating time is the main cause of the printing delay. The size of the home output time directly affects the efficiency of the printer. Especially in small batches, multiple printing occasions, the size of the home page output time is more important.

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