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With the price of SSD solid-state hard drives down, later assembled computers to use SSD solid-state hard drive will become mainstream, at present, SSD solid-state hard disk capacity is small, and the price than mechanical hard drive to have no advantage, compared to ordinary mechanical hard drive, the gap between the big price. Believe that the SSD solid-state hard disk technology to improve, the price will naturally come down, just like the previous mechanical hard disk, the capacity of more and more, cost-effective also more and more high. Believe that some high-end computer configuration users have used solid-state hard drives, and experienced the solid-state drive to bring us the speed of the computer to improve the effect. So why do we need to choose more expensive SSD solid-state drives? What are the differences between solid-state and ordinary hard drives?

The difference of the current price of the solid state hard disk and the common hard disk

SSD Solid State hard disk is very expensive, especially large capacity, is the ordinary hard drive 10 Laibe, so the general user buys only the small capacity solid state drive, only uses to install the system, this greatly promoted the computer system to run the speed, the budget cost aspect also can control in can withstand the scope. The price comparison chart of the following solid-state and ordinary hard drives.

The above is the current mainstream SSD hard drive 512GB and mainstream ordinary hard disk 500GB price comparison, from the price can be seen 10 times times more than the difference.

Two, SSD solid state hard disk and ordinary hard drive performance difference

The biggest advantage of solid-state drives is that there is almost no seek time, solid-state drives in the operating system is a common letter, the user can completely use it as a storage medium. Since all the flash storage media is used, there is no mechanical structure inside it, so there is no data lookup time, delay time and seek time. As we all know, the mechanical characteristics of ordinary hard disk seriously limits the speed of data reading and writing, the biggest bottleneck of computer running speed is precisely on the hard disk, so the birth of solid-state hard disk, just can solve this bottleneck.

Through the above transmission rate test chart can be seen, the solid state hard disk performance, wavy curve, the minimum transmission rate is also 91.2mb/s, the average transmission rate is reached 135.7mb/s, although the maximum rate from the nominal 170mb/s has a certain gap, but compared to the mechanical hard disk only 63mb/s speed, The results of solid-state drives have been considerable. It is worth mentioning that in the introduction of solid-state hard drives, we have introduced that the solid-state drive using random access, no head structure, seek time for very close to 0, which is the mechanical hard drive can never be achieved.

In the course of the scheduled number, the transmission rate of the mechanical hard disk is reduced to 9.8mb/s, while the solid-state hard disk is wavy and the minimum and maximum transmission rate is relatively stable.

Three, the main difference between SSD and ordinary hard drive

1, read and write speed quickly, because the use of flash memory as a storage medium, reading speed relative to the mechanical hard disk faster. Solid state hard drive without head, seek time is almost 0 (everyone knows that the ordinary hard drive inside is a CD-ROM, through the head to read the disk, for not stored together files, in the reading time need to seek a way). Solid-State drives continue to read and write faster than 500mb/s, much larger than the 100mb/s of ordinary hard drives.

2, because there is no head, nor optical disk, so solid-state hard disk more seismic, no noise and operating temperature range. Solid state drives do not have mechanical motors and fans, with a noise value of 0 decibels at work. There is no mechanical moving parts, no mechanical failure, no fear of collision, shock, vibration.

3. Have life limit. Today's solid-state drives have a fixed number of read and write times, which is also a lot of people criticized its short life, but its read and write times relative to the average hard disk life, the impact is not very large.

Four, solid state hard disk and ordinary hard disk in the use of the difference

In use, SSD solid state hard drive and ordinary hard drive is very different, ordinary hard drive no matter what system is installed, is the same operation, XP or Win7 system are the same use. and solid-state drives have a lot to pay attention to, especially for XP system, solid state hard drive support is unfriendly, use XP system will shorten the service life, XP system does not have the solid state drive optimization, he will often on solid-state hard disk read and write the solid disk is not good at small files, so not only slow, but also unnecessary consumption of hard disk life, The key is XP under the hard drive's trim (garbage collection function) can not be opened, solid-state hard disk performance will quickly decay. In addition, the installation of XP system, the SSD must do a good 4K alignment, so that performance can be improved.

In the installation use, the SSD recommends using the Win7 version of the system, and must be turned on ahci,4k to align. You can download as SSD Benchmark (SSD test software) to test to see if AHCI is turned on and 4K is aligned.

As SSD benchmark test

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