The difference between CST and GMT time

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Today, a strange problem has been encountered on the server side through C # get the current time for Fri 09:37:46 CST 2009, converted to
GMT time: 01:37:46 GMT, that is, GMT time plus 8 hours equals the time indicated by CST, that this
CST is not Beijing, because we are in the East eight district.

Everything looks normal, but there's a problem with the client parsing the time with javascript:
Fri 23:37:46 gmt+0800
New Date (' Fri 09:37:46 CST '). toString ();

It's strange that the time between GMT and CST is exactly 14 hours apart.

Baidu a bit

To find this article, the question has been very clear.

GMT (Greenwich Mean time) stands for GMT, as we all know.
CST can also represent the following 4 different time zones:
Central Standard Time (USA) ut-6:00
Central Standard Time (Australia) ut+9:30
China Standard Time ut+8:00
Cuba Standard Time ut-4:00

It can be seen that CST could also represent the standard time in four countries of the United States, Australia, China, and Cuba.

The previously mentioned CST time obtained through Java is in China, while client-side JavaScript defaults to the U.S.
The central time.

So the Fri 09:37:46 CST 2009 plus 6 hours, plus 8 hours, is equal to Fri 28 2009 23:37:46

It can be seen that in future programming in order to avoid errors, or do not use CST time, and try to use GMT time

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The difference between CST and GMT time

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