The easiest way to open CHM files in win7

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Windows XP users are not familiar with Windows XP when they are new to Windows 7. Because win7 users must face a lot of incompatibility issues. The failure to open the CHM File in win7 is definitely a headache. CHM is short for "compiled help manual", that is, "compiled help files ". CHM is a new-generation Help File Format of Microsoft. It uses HTML as the source file to compile and store the Help content in a database-like format. It is easy to use and diverse in forms, CHM is used as one of the e-book formats.

I believe most PHP students have downloaded the php_manual help document in chm format. If I studied it in win7, the problem of incompatibility arises?

Generally, the door to solving the problem is the search engine. With the help of Baidu elder sister and Google, you can find many solutions with great popularity.

However, most of the solutions are complicated, and some are even more complicated than incompatibility problems. For example, modifying the registry is really a matter of life. In his blog, a classmate proudly claims that he has finally sought a good solution with his own ingenuity and unremitting efforts, that is, we first use RAR compression software to compress the CHM File, double-click the CHM file to be compressed, select it, and double-click it to solve the problem.

Many of the customers who have been troubled by the problem have said that this method is great and awesome. However, one of his colleagues did not agree. He thought this method was thankless, but he was so arrogant that the man was very low-key, mysterious, and disdainful. He simply wrote: click "unlock ]. Even if you are a god, you just need to compress your fingers and include only 10 punctuation marks. It's just as elegant as gold. So who is the "unlock" button? This guy really owes K. One problem has not been solved yet, and another problem has been created for us. It is estimated that there are more suspense films, and the way of thinking is beyond the control of things. However, we still have to thank him for providing us with an important clue.

With the help of Google, I learned that the English language "unlock" is "unblock ". In the blog of a foreign friend, I finally found the answer to the question-the "unlock" button is long in the "attribute window" of the CHM File.

The above are all nonsense. It's time to witness the miracle. Ask the camera master to point the camera at me. The simplest way to open the CHM File in win7 is:

1. Right-click the CHM File
2. Select "attribute"
3. Click "unlock (k)" in the lower right corner of the "properties" window.
4. Close the ticket and ask for a KFC takeout to treat yourself.

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